10 Dog Gone Crazy Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween dog lovers! Just about anywhere on the internet you look today you’ll find pictures of dog dressed up in some of the wildest costumes you could ever imagine. We’re keeping today’s post light and funny with 10 of the best canine costumes we could find. Here they are for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! My Boy Dodger s13610 adrigu d70focus Beau B Foxtongue d70focus mccun934 daveynin xersti

Finding the Perfect Vet for your Pet

In the life of your pet, choosing the right veterinarian might be the most important activity you undertake. Your vet is more than a medical expert for your pet. He or she is a person who will need to meet the needs of your pet and you. Finding a vet should not be something that you do at the last minute either. As a pet owner, you should probably start scoping out vets as soon as you get your pet… Continue reading

My Dog Barks Too Much. What Do I Do?

Your dog’s barking can be more than just a little annoyance. Some dog owners will recognize many problems associated with barking including upset neighbors and lost sleep. One of the most important first steps to getting barking under control is to recognize why your dog is barking. For the most part, barking is a natural canine activity that occurs when your dog is scared, upset, frustrated, or lonely. Types of Barking Normal barking will normally fall into one of two… Continue reading

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