Doga – Yoga for Dogs and their People

These days every human being has a pretty stressful life and in order for them to de-stress they have taken to doing such activities as Yoga, Tai-Chi and Meditation. Little do we know, however, that dogs are just as stressed! Mostly this is due to our dogs picking up on our stress levels, and not really understanding them, bring our stress into their bodies. Dogs need a way that they can de-stress and be able to get in touch with… Continue reading

Grooming Mistakes That Every Dog Owner Makes

Every dog owner is bound to a make a mistake whenever they groom their own dog at home, especially if they do not know what they are doing. As there is always the possibility of making a mistake, dog owners should train their dogs from a very young age to stand still whilst being groomed. By teaching a dog that being groomed is not such a bad thing, the dog will be perfectly fine later in life when they have… Continue reading

Dogs and Cats Coexisting

There is hardly a household these days that does not have more than one pet. Most households have a dog, a cat, and either a bird or a goldfish. Of these domesticated pets, the dog and the cat are the only ones that may have a negative reaction to each other. This is simply because these two domesticated pets are so extremely different from each other that it is totally understandable if the two of them were to clash against… Continue reading

Do You Know Your Dog’s DNA?

There is undoubtedly not a single person in this world that cannot identify a poodle or a bulldog when they see one. However, the majority of the domesticated dog breeds throughout the world have become too similar to truly identify and it’s not always as simple as being able to tell the difference between an Italian Greyhound and a regular sized Greyhound. Sometimes, trying to visually tell the difference between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Pit Bull Terrier can… Continue reading

Unknown Dog Breeds

Every dog enthusiast knows about such dog breeds as the Labrador Retriever, Poodle and Pug. There are, however, quite a lot of dog breeds that are not so well known. Although these breeds are just as suitable to be a pet, very little people are aware that these breeds even exist. Below is a list of the dog breeds that are not as well known as other, more command, dog breeds are: The Affenpinscher Also referred to as an Affen,… Continue reading

Pet Airways

Every year thousands of people go on vacation or relocate to a new city and take their beloved pets with them. Sometimes flying to their destination is their only choice. But the only choice for their pets was to fly in the airplane’s cargo hold. That is all about to change, however, because on 14 July 2009, a new airline for only pets will take to the sky. Pet Airways will be the first pet only airline in the USA… Continue reading

Green Earth = Green Pet

This week, the world celebrates Earth Day on 22 April. It was started by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, to encourage people to be more aware of the Earth and the environment in which we all live. There are many ways to ‘go green’, such as eating organic foods, carpooling etc. But did you know that there are things that you can do to make your pet ‘greener’ too? Use Natural Health Care Products Instead of feeding your pet medication… Continue reading

Are you Allergic to your Dog or Cat?

President Obama chose a Portuguese Water Dog to be his family’s pet because his daughter, Malia, has allergies. The Portuguese Water Dog is considered a hypoallergenic breed of dog and is therefore ideal for Malia. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the dogs and cats that people are allergic to, but rather it is their dander that they are allergic to. More specifically it is a protein that is present in the pets’ dander and saliva that people are… Continue reading

Creating Fun for your Kitten

No one can resist the cuteness of a young kitten! With their soft fur and their pitiful ‘meows’, kittens can melt the heart of even the most hardened person in the world. As cute as they may be, kittens can also get into all kinds of trouble! Even though, in some circumstances, this can appear very adorable on the part of the kitten, it can also lead to some relatively naughty and dangerous situations. If you do find yourself and… Continue reading

Pet Immigration Laws – HR 669

Is your pet an immigrant to the United States of America? You may not think so, but, is your pet’s species native to the USA? If not, your pet could be considered an illegal immigrant if a new Bill is passed soon. On 23 April 2009, a hearing will be held for the Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act (HR 669). If passed, it will then be illegal to own or breed pet birds, fish, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, ferrets, and… Continue reading

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