Doggie Fitness

During the springtime, most people attempt to lose the pounds they gained during the winter for a sleeker body for the summer time. This should stand true for your pets as well, particularly dogs who have remained inside the house during most of the winter. A recent study that was done by the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention stated that 45 percent of dogs are overweight, including 9 percent that are truly obese, according to Ernie Ward, DVM, and president… Continue reading

America’s First Dog!

It certainly seems that the cat is out of the bag, although in this case it is the dog that is out of the proverbial bag! First Family Obama now has a First Dog: Bo, a Portuguese water dog, a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy. As everyone remembers, President Obama promised his daughters, seven year old Sasha and ten year old Malia, a puppy as a gift for standing by their father during his race for the Presidency. As part… Continue reading

How to Have a Pet-Safe Easter

Sunday, 12 April 2009 is Easter Sunday. A religious holiday that is celebrated by many pet owners the world over, by giving and sharing Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs with their family and friends. However, before you share that basket of goodies with your pet, here are few things to consider: Easter LiliesOf all the dangerous flowers that people like to bring into their home, the Easter Lily is the most lethal! Although these flowers are… Continue reading

Does Your Dog Need Supplements?

Every responsible dog owner knows that a diet which is both healthy and well balanced is essential for their dog to enjoy a long, happy life. Nevertheless, some dogs still require supplements in their diet. How do you know if your dog is one those dogs? If your dog is, do you know what supplements to add to your dog’s diet? For most dogs, as long as they are fed a high quality diet, they usually do not need any… Continue reading

How to buy the purrfect bed for your cat

Cats, just like dogs, need to have their own sleeping area. In fact, cats actually sleep an average of 15 hours per day! With so much time spent sleeping, your cat deserves to have a nice, comfortable bed. Before you rush to the pet store, keep in mind that cats have a will and a mind of their own and will just as soon sleep on your bed atop your favorite pillow than on a fancy cat bed. In most… Continue reading

First Aid Kit For Pets

Unfortunately, during every pet owner’s life, there comes a time in which they find themselves needing to administer First Aid to their pets. It is therefore advisable to be prepared in advance for such events by keeping an adequately stocked First Aid Kit for your pets. Curiosity doesn’t always ‘kill the cat’, but often times it can cause injury to a cat. Dog are just as equally curious, especially regarding new surroundings. Both cats and dogs can sometimes get themselves… Continue reading

Does your pet love the camera?

As pet fashion trends increase across the globe, so does the need for pet models increase. It really doesn’t matter what breed of dog or cat you have, any pet can be a model with just the right training and a few photographic skills on the part of the owner. Modeling is fun away for you to spend more quality time with your pet, whilst earning extra money to help you pay for those extra special spa treatments for your… Continue reading

A Disaster Checklist

Do you know what to do for your pets when a disaster occurs? Since any disaster can strike at any time it is crucial to be as best prepared as possible, as this will enable you to not only save your own life buy also the lives of your cats and dogs. Here are a few points to consider when creating your own disaster checklist: Helpful Tips: 1. Position a sticker with the words ‘Animals Inside’ either on a front… Continue reading

Your Pets Horoscope for April 2009

ARIES (21 March – 20 April)April will find the Aries pet demanding the center of attention, not to mention the warmest spot in the middle of the bed. This month these pets will be full of self confidence and pure animal magnetism. Such charms will help persuade their human companions to give them a few extra, delectable treats before dinner. TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)Those pets born under the zodiac sign of Taurus will be extremely big hearted this… Continue reading

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