Animal CSI

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals investigates over 5,000animal cruelty cases each year and either issues a summons to or arrests more than 300 people. Such animal cruelty cases can include issues of neglect, abandonment, animal hoarding and, sadly, even bloody sports like dog fighting. Unfortunately, not all of these cases are solved. This is simply because most of the investigators lack the proper training in animal forensics and toxicology. A new university forensics program will… Continue reading

Training your Dog Not to Jump Up On People

Dogs are extremely friendly animals and, unlike cats, they have a rather strong desire to want to see and to interact with people on a face-to-face basis. But unfortunately, this can actually lead to most dogs jumping up on people so that they can have that valuable face-to-face contact with people that they so desire. When dogs are just puppies, it may seem cute when your puppy jumps up on people, but once that pup starts growing up to be… Continue reading

Liver Disease In Cats

Not all cat owners are aware that liver disease is quite a common disease that is found in cats. Even so, it is extremely important to understand that if your cat does have liver disease and it is left untreated, it may eventually result in your cat’s liver actually shutting itself down, which may cause your cat to die. The easiest way to describe liver disease in cats is that a cat with liver disease will quickly starve to death,… Continue reading

AVMA and SPCA Change Their Policies

The American Veterinary Medical Association recently changed its Dog and Cat Population Control policy to state that they no longer support any regulation or laws that make it mandatory to spay or neuter privately owned, non-shelter dogs and cats. The policy changes were recommend by the Animal Welfare Committee which reads, in part, as follows: “The AVMA does not support regulations or legislation mandating spay/neuter of privately owned, non-shelter dogs and cats. Although spaying and neutering helps control dog and… Continue reading

Stress Busting Dogs!

It’s that time of year again for all students – FINALS!! Everyone who was ever a student can surely relate to how stressful finals week can be! Along with the stress of the exams, students often find themselves in the library or in study groups, frantically trying to cram in every piece of information that is offered to them in their text books. Often times this means that the students will even cut down on their free time, just so… Continue reading

Is Your Cat Right or Left Pawed?

Like most American kids, Michael, had to enter a science project into his school’s science fair. And, just like most American kids, Michael was having a hard time trying to decide what project he wanted to do. His mother decided to help Michael out by doing some online research of her own. Luckily, she came across a website that allows children to answer a questionnaire about their interests and hobbies. Once all the questions are answered, the website then gives… Continue reading

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