Peanut Detecting Dogs

There are close to 1.8 million people living in America today that are allergic to peanuts, with 400,00 of being school children, according to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. Sadly, only 20% of those children actually outgrow their peanut allergy. Nearly 150 adults and children die each year due to peanut allergies. Ironically, it is the most common food allergy in America, but also the most commonly used food item as well. Of all the different types of food… Continue reading

Dogs That Eat Grass

Every dog owner knows that dogs are not fussy eaters at all! Dogs will eat just about anything that you offer them, and some things that you don’t, with grass being one of them! Even though dogs live off of a mostly carnivorous diet, they can also survive on a vegetarian diet that is well balanced. Dogs require a combination of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water that together should provide enough calories to meet their daily needs. Dogs… Continue reading

How To Massage Your Dog

[youtube=] Animal Massage Therapy helps to increase an animal’s circulation, boosts their immune system and increase mobility. Therefore, it is extremely helpful for dogs who have arthritis. This video explains the basics of animal massage therapy for a dog who is both suffering from arthritis and cancer.

Kitten Classes

When you think of pet training, you instantly think about your dog attending obedience school. But what about your cat? Kersti Seksel, a veterinary behaviorist from Australia, opened her first “Kitty Kindy” nearly a decade ago to accommodate kittens aged between 7 and 14 weeks. Since then, such kitten classes have slowly spread across the USA. Such classes give kittens the opportunity to interact with their owners, other people and other cats, in a playful way and also help to… Continue reading

Cloning a Dog Hero

A dog that was dubbed a hero during the aftermath of 9-11 has been successfully cloned – five times! Retired Police Officer James Symington, won a competition that was being run by BioArts International, a Northern California biotech company. The prize? Five cloned versions of his late search and rescue dog, Trakr. The contest sponsored by BioArts International in 2008, was entitled the “Golden Clone Giveaway”. Symington won after writing to BioArts and explaining why he believed that his late… Continue reading

Is Your Dog a Blood Donor?

Every year there are numerous dogs that are rushed into the nearest animal emergency hospital because of an accident or injury. In order to survive, most of these dogs require a blood transfusion. Animal blood banks have increased in the USA, mostly due to the advances in the veterinary field. Developed initially for human medicine, pets are now able to benefit from advanced tests and procedures, with blood transfusions being no exception. Also, today’s pet owner treats their pet as… Continue reading

Take Your Dog To Work Day – 26 June 2009

This Friday will mark the 10th Anniversary of Take Your Dog To Work Day. This internationally celebrated event was first sponsored in 1999 by Pet Sitters International. A mere 300 businesses participated in that event by encouraging the adoption of dogs from local animal shelters. Take Your Dog To Work Day was initially designed to honor dogs and the great companionship roles that they play in people’s lives. It was also created to help encourage more people to adopt dogs… Continue reading

China’s First Animal Rights Law

Chinese officials are currently in the final stages of drafting the country’s first animal rights law. Once completed, the proposed law will be submitted to the Chinese government and congress authorities. In December 2008, China’s first Animal Protection Law Research Center was created at the Northwest University of Politics and Law. Since then, law professors at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences have been discussing the different aspects of this law proposal with the International Fund for Animal Welfare and… Continue reading

Is Your Computer’s Keyboard Cat-Proof?

If you have a home computer or home office and you own a cat or two, chances are that at some point, your cat has walked over your computer’s keyboard. A new computer software has been developed that will help ease your cat walking troubles: PawSense! PawSense is a novel computer software program that has been specifically designed for cat (and dog) owners who use a computer at home. The idea behind this software is to protect your work from… Continue reading

Does your pet need vaccinations every year?

Even though the importance of vaccinations has been stressed to pet owners, it may not be necessary to vaccinate your pet every year. The vaccinations stimulate the pet’s immune system and are done to protect the pet against a specific type of infectious disease, depending on the vaccine being administered. However, it is not as simple as that, as there are other risks involved as well. When a vaccine is administered to a pet, it spurs the pet’s immune system… Continue reading

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