Using Acupuncture to Help Heal Your Pet

Acupuncture originates from China around 4500 years ago where the very first case of acupuncture used on animals is recorded to have happened during the western Jin dynasty period of China from 136 to 265 A.D. Although people are usually the recipient of an acupuncture session, pets are also able to benefit greatly. This healing modality quickly spread to other parts of the world and was first used by veterinarians in the USA during the early 1970’s. Acupuncture is a… Continue reading

‘My Dog Is Cool’ Campaign

The United Animal Nations has launched a new campaign aimed at informing dog owners about the dangers of leaving their dog in a closed car during the hot summer months. The campaign, entitled “My Dog is Cool”, is the first campaign of its kind to solely focus on preventing the deaths of dogs who have been locked inside a hot car. The campaign states that the “dog days” of summer can be quite hazardous to the health of an otherwise… Continue reading

Leash Laws For Cats

Unlike dogs, cats have always had a special relationship with humans. One in which the cat was never truly ‘domesticated’ and was allowed to come and go as they pleased. Cats would hunt in the fields near where the humans lived and catch mice and other rodents. Humans were happy about that and allowed the cats’ their freedom. However, during the 19th century dogs that were roaming around freely were found to be a menace to both farmers and their… Continue reading

10 Most Common Animal Attacks on Pets

Our pets have many predators, some of which we don’t know even think about. Below is a list of the top 10 animal attacks on pets across the USA, according to Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. who recently released their top animal attack claims for 2008. 1. Snakes Although snakes live in every state, the worst cases only occur in a few states. Elizabeth Rozanski, an assistant professor of emergency and critical care at the Tufts University’s Foster Hospital for Small… Continue reading

Teaching Your Dog To Play Dead Video

[youtube=] Want to teach your dog the play dead dog trick? Learn how with expert tips on dog tricks in this video by Kim Amatucci.

De-Clawing Ban a Possibility in San Francisco

West Hollywood, California, is the largest city in America that has a ban on declawing cats for non-therapeutic reasons. Now, San Francisco, California, may be next in line. A prominent animal welfare advisory board, the San Francisco Commission of Animal Control and Welfare, voted 5-1 at a recent hearing, in recommendation that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors adopt a city wide ban on declawing cats, except in medical emergencies. Their argument was that the practice of declawing cats was… Continue reading

The Power of a Cat’s Purr

Everyone who owns a cat, or who has ever been owned by a cat, knows how calming their purrs can be or how demanding their meowing can be, for that matter. However, scientists have recently taken this one step further and have come to the conclusion that cats have the uncanny ability to mix a very relaxed purr with a somewhat annoying whine, in order to get exactly what they want from their human caretakers. The reason, it seems, is… Continue reading

Is Your Pet A Smoker?

Over the past few years there have been ample warnings, debates and even advertising campaigns that all tout the harmful effects of second hand smoke on both adults and children. But what about pets? If you smoke, you can rest assured that your pet is a smoker too! A study conducted in 2007 at the Tuft College of Veterinary Medicine, concluded that there was a very strong link between secondhand smoke and certain types of cancer in cats. Cats that… Continue reading

How To Build Your Own Dog House

Every dog needs to have their own dog house! But buying one in today’s economy can set you back a few hundred bucks. It is much easier, and a lot more fun, to build your own dog house. Before starting to build a dog house for your dog, there are a few factors that should be taken into consideration. * The Size of the Dog House The size of your dog at its full grown height, should determine how large… Continue reading

5 Tips On How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

The ‘dog days of summer’ are finally here and because of the beautiful sunshine your dog is spending more time outside than he has all year! However, along with that sunshine comes high temperatures which can lead to very specific health hazards for your dog. Heat stroke, heat exhaustion and even sunburn can afflict any dog that spends time outdoors. There are quite a few things that you can do to help ensure your dog’s wellbeing this summer. Prevent Heat… Continue reading

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