Three Legged Cats

Every person who cares for a normal, four legged cat knows that such care taking is a huge responsibility that involves hard work and patience. However, taking care of a three legged cat requires extra caution and care, as well as a greater need to understand three legged cats better. Most three legged cats have come that way to due to their fourth leg be amputated because of illness or injury. In a few rare cases, some cats are only… Continue reading

Mixed Breed Dogs

Many years ago, mixed breed dogs were the most commonly owned household dog across the world. Other names for such a dog have been ‘Heinz 57 Variety’, mutt, mongrel, tyke, cur, bitsa, and even random bred dog. In fact, different countries have their own special terminology as well. For example, in Hawaii a mixed breed dog is called a poi dog. Pot Cakes is what they are referred to in the Bahamas. South African’s refer to mixed breed dogs as… Continue reading

Your Pet’s Horoscope For July

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20) Capricorn pets will be more wound up than usual this month. This is easily remedied by providing them with lots of undivided attention. Expect to spend some money on your pet. So get ready to spoil them with a few new toys or treats. A brand new bed might be just want they want. AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19) Be prepared to be challenged by your Aquarian pet this month! Even though you… Continue reading

Motor Vehicles That Are Dog Friendly

These days almost every home in America has at least one dog. Families are so besotted with their dogs, as well they should be, that they taking their dogs with them whenever they venture of the house. It used to be that the only way to take your dog outside was for a walk around the neighborhood, and going on vacation meant going without your dog. However, with families now opting to travel further and further away from home for… Continue reading

Mythological Cats

Cats have played a strong role in Egyptian Mythological stories and art work. The early Egyptians had a number of feline gods and goddesses whom they honored. The most popular worshiped feline was the lion and the lioness. Egyptians even believed that powerful Lions guarded the noble god, Ra, every night when it was said that he journeyed to the underworld. The Egyptian Sphinx has a body of a lion with the head of a Pharaoh. Sekhmet, Tefnut and Mafdet… Continue reading

Teaching Your Cat To Come When You Call

[youtube=] This is a great instructional video that shows you how to train your cat to come to you whenever you call her.

Top 5 Pet Friendly Hotels

Summer is here and that means it is vacation time! Though owning a pet can sometimes put a limit on your vacation destination, here is a list of the top 5 pet friendly hotel chains across North America that together can provide you with endless vacation opportunities. AmeriSuites Pet Policy Since AmeriSuites understands that pets are part of the family, they allow small pets and dogs to stay in the same hotel room as their family. Service Animals that accompany… Continue reading

4th of July Fireworks Tips for Dog Owners

On Saturday night, millions of Americans will be lighting fireworks in honor of Independence Day. However, whilst you are reveling in the magic of the fireworks, your dog may be cowering in the corner, especially when you consider that a dog’s hearing is ten times more sensitive than a human’s. Therefore, the sounds of the fireworks going off can cause your dog to experience anxiety, stress and fear. Keep in mind that the sounds and sights of fireworks is not… Continue reading

How To Leash Train Your Cat

Leash training isn’t just for dogs anymore. Other pets are learning to walk on a leash including ferrets, hamsters, rabbits and cats. Yes, cats! Contrary to popular belief cats are relatively easy to leash train and actually enjoy being outside whilst attached to a harness and leash. Steven Jacobson and Jean Miller, a married couple who have plenty of leash training experience have written and published their own book on leash training cats entitled ‘Walk Your Cat, The Complete Guide’.… Continue reading

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