Dogs’ Coats Differ Due To Only Three Genes

Recent research has proven that three distinct genes are responsible for the different types of coats on dogs. Thanks to this research, a method has now been devised to identify gene combinations that are helpful for studies of human diseases. The fact that a mere three genes can make a dog’s coat different from another dog is quite remarkable. It seems that when these three genes act in different combinations, they can cause one dog to have short hair whilst,… Continue reading

Japan’s Pampered Pets

Not only is pet ownership on the rise in Japan, so too are the lengths at which the Japanese will go to too pamper their beloved pets. In January 2007, Japan’s Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, conducted a survey in which it was discovered that were 24.5 million dogs and cats in Japan in 2006. Ten years ago, in 1996, the pet population was only 17.9 million. This means that there has been a 37% or 6.6 million increase in the… Continue reading

Help Prevent Your Dog From Having The ‘Back to School Doggie Blues’

Sadly, the summer holidays are finally coming to an end and children and adults are getting ready to go back to school, college and work. While this is a fun and exciting time, especially for young children starting school for the first time, this can also be a time of unease for your dog. During the past few months your family pet has probably spent every waking moment with either yourself, your child or with your entire family at once.… Continue reading

Feral Dogs Attack Elderly Couple

In a small town in Georgia, 65 year old Sherry Schweder was taking an evening walk last Friday when she was apparently attacked by a pack of feral dogs. Lothar Schweder, her 77 year old husband, found her lying on the ground when he had set off to find her after she failed to return home. He immediately sprung into action to protect his wife from the unruly canines, but, sadly, also succumbed to them as well. The following morning,… Continue reading

Canine Flu Vaccine

Most dog owners do not realize how dangerous the Canine Flu virus is, until their dogs are struck down by it, like Nicole Kirk’s black Labrador, Moose. Even though most dogs who contract the canine flu, recover fairly quickly, Moose didn’t. He ended up in the veterinarian hospital for about a week on an IV, being pumped full of antibiotics, when the flu turned into pneumonia. However, Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, a company that produces medications for animals, has devised a… Continue reading

How to Potty Train Your Dog

[youtube=] A big mistake that dog owners make is assuming that a dog is potty trained before they truly are. Use a crate to teach a dog that not going to the bathroom outside is unacceptable with help from a dog trainer in this free video on pet care and obedience training for dogs.

Take Your Cat To The Vet Day is 22 August 2009

Most cat owners do not take their beloved felines into their veterinarian’s office on an annual basis for a thorough health checkup. In fact, recently Feline Pine, a cat litter manufacturer, conducted an online poll that proved that a mere 47% of cat owners actually take their cats in for an annual checkup; whilst only 35% said that they only take their cat into the vet when their cat is sick. Even though some veterinary health officials will claim that… Continue reading

Cat Earns High School Diploma

Cats are no longer your typical mouse-catching, ball-chasing, household feline. Today’s modern cat usually has their own Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as a few close-up modeling shots splattered across the website ‘I can haz cheezburger’. Today, as evidenced by YouTube, cats are able to quickly learn to play the piano, dance and do acrobatic feats. All of this proves that cats have undergone some kind of evolution within the past few years. Today it is even possible,… Continue reading

Sewer Kitten Alive and Well!

It is the kind of story that everyone wants to read every single day: A young kitten rescued from a sewer pipe by a good Samaritan. It all started on Saturday afternoon when a car driven by Richard Lorenzi, a Jersey City Animal Control Officer, came to a halt at the intersection of West Side and Communipaw avenues in Jersey City. Being that it was such a hot, sunny day, Lorenzi’s car windows were open and he was able to… Continue reading

Animal Advocate Groups Sue for Helmsley’s Money

The estate of the late billionaire, Leona Helmsley, was estimated to be worth $5 billion upon her death in 2007, when she left it dog charities. In fact, four years prior to her death, Mrs. Helmsley wrote in her will that the distribution of her estate should go towards providing care for dogs. However, Mrs. Helmsley also added “and such other charitable activities as the trustees shall determine.” In February this year, a judge in Manhattan determined that the trustees… Continue reading

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