Do You Know Which Ingredients In Your Pets Food Cause Allergies?

Every pet owner is on high alert after hearing about so many different pet food recalls. Our pet’s food is just as important to us as our pets are! However, it is not only contaminated pet food that we need to be worried about but rather the ingredients that are in the pet food in the first place. Allergies Allergies in pets have slowly risen over the past few years mostly due to the introduction of sub-par ingredients in pet… Continue reading

Lessons Learned from Our Pets

In the United States of America there are approximately 74.8 million owned dogs, and approximately 88.3 million owned cats. With all these households that have pets, the idiosyncrasies of the pets most often leaks into the lives of their owners. This can be a good thing, especially if the owner takes notice of how their pets act and behave and then incorporates those lessons into their own lives. Our pets can actually teach us quite a bit about love, relationships… Continue reading

New Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool

Reuniting lost pets that have microchips with their owners has just gotten a lot easier. On 22 September, 2009, the American Animal Hospital Association launched the internet’s first Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool. Microchipping is usually a surefire way to ensure that you will be reunited with your lost pet quickly. However, navigating through the multitude of microchip companies and different registries can make searching for a pet’s owner very time consuming and sometimes downright difficult. The American Animal Hospital… Continue reading

Pro’s and Con’s of the Trap, Neuter, Release Program for Feral Cats

Whether you are someone who loves cats, whether they are strays or house cats, or you are simply someone who is concerned about the population of feral cats in your area, you may have recently heard about growing efforts to trap, neuter and release feral cats. Also known as Feral Cat Colony Management, Trap Neuter, Release programs consists of trapping feral cats and then either neutering or spaying them, before releasing them back into the surrounding environment. A few of… Continue reading

World Rabies Day 2009

World Rabies Day 2009 is about helping the world wipe out Rabies and will be held on 28 September 28, 2009. This event has been created to help publicize the dangers of rabies and to raise a new awareness of this devastating disease. Although there are now fewer recorded cases of rabies occurring in the US and other major countries this animal borne disease continues to be a deadly problem for tens of thousands of people in Asia and Africa.… Continue reading

Does Your Cat Have OCD?

It is one thing to joke about your cat compulsively cleaning themselves, but it is another thing when you begin to note that your cat is cleaning himself to the point where he is putting a bald patch into his skin or when he has actually injured himself due to this type of behavior. The truth of the matter is that cats can suffer from psychological issues just like humans do, and when a normal activity is taken from being… Continue reading

How to Train a Dog to Stop Barking

[youtube=] Learn how to teach your dog to stop barking in this free dog training video.

World’s First Pet Cloning Company Discontinues Service

BioArts International, a biotech startup company in San Francisco, California, with custom micro-engineering operations in London, has decided to put a stop to its dog cloning services. BioArts started its cloning services by launching a competition in May 2008, called “Golden Clone Giveaway”, to entice dog owners to enter their dog for future possible cloning. The winner, James Symington, was presented with five puppy clones of his 9/11 search and rescue dog, Trakr, in June of this year. Also in… Continue reading

Similarities Between Dogs And Toddlers

For many years, devout pet owners have often claimed that their beloved pets are able to read their minds and know exactly what they want or are thinking; and vice versa. Parents of young children have also stated the same thing. Now it appears that both types of ‘parents’ are correct: a recent study has shown that there are definitely strong similarities between dogs and toddlers. Professor Stanley Coren, PhD, an author, psychologist and dog researcher, who presented his findings… Continue reading

Reducing Your Pet’s Carbon Footprint

Most environmentally conscious people are mindful of the carbon footprint that they leave behind them. But what about our pets? They too, can leave a carbon footprint behind. As their caretakers, it is up to the pet’s owners to do what they can to reduce their pet’s carbon footprint. Here are a few, very simple, tips on how best to reduce your pet’s carbon footprint. Whilst these may not seem much at the moment, they will add up over the… Continue reading

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