Dogs Reduce Asthma In Kids

If you have been cautiously afraid of getting a dog for fear of your children developing asthma, you can now rest easy! A preliminary study conducted by researchers at the University of Arizona’s College of Pharmacy, has indicated that having a dog in the house could actually reduce any chances of children developing asthma later in their lives. The Grant The National Institutes of Health greatly approved of the study and awarded the research team a two year Challenge Grant… Continue reading

October Is National Pet Wellness Month

This October is National Pet Wellness Month and marks the beginning of new national campaign encouraging pet owners to reconsider the health of their pets. The Campaign The national campaign is entitled “A Happy, Healthy Pet Starts With a Plan”. Its primary goal is to promote the importance of semi-annual veterinarian visits. The American Veterinary Medical Association along with Fort Dodge Animal Health of Overland Park, Kansas, launched the National Pet Wellness Month in 2004. VPI Pet Insurance of Brea,… Continue reading

National Feral Cat Day

Friday, 16 October, 2009, will mark the ninth annual National Feral Cat Day. Originally started by Alley Cat Allies in 2001, the hope of National Feral Cat Day is to draw attention to the thousands of feral cats living in America today. Cat lovers, and the general public, are invited to join fundraising events, spay/neuter drives and adoption events in their neighborhood in an effort to bring awareness to the unique needs of stray and feral cats. Alley Cat Allies… Continue reading

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

This Wednesday, October 14, 2009, will mark the third annual National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. The founder and President of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), Dr. Ernie Ward, states that more than half of all pets livening in the USA are overweight. “Pudgy pooches and fat cats are now the norm. This is the first generation of pets that will not live as long as their parents. Even worse, the majority of today’s overweight pets will endure painful… Continue reading

Marine Corps Institutes Dog Breed Ban

An order sent down from the top ranks from Marine Corps headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, has the Marine Corps banning pit bulls, Rottweilers and wolf-hybrid breeds and mixes. The Dog Breed Ban This order will impact all families and their dogs currently living in on-base Marine Corps housing. Although a few housing compounds will attempt to apply for an exemption from the policy, such as Camp Pendleton, which is the biggest Marine Corps housing in San Diego County. The order,… Continue reading

October Pet Horoscope

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) Even though Capricorn pets are usually very responsible, this month they will need to have a job of their own in order to feel like a valued member of the family. Provide one for them by teaching your dog to fetch the newspaper. Although cat’s do not generally have ‘jobs’, you should lavish praise on your kitty whenever you catch her grooming another member of the family. Halloween Costume: Buddha or Marie Antoinette. Aquarius… Continue reading

Malicious Viral Rumor Increases Pet Adoptions

A rumor regarding the closure of an animal shelter in ‘Montgomery County’ has caused pet adoptions to increase nationwide. However, government officials are concerned and have sounded the alarm to alert unsuspecting animal lovers to the fact that the rumor is nothing more than a hoax. An organically sent email that simply stated: “An animal shelter in New Jersey is closing tomorrow. They currently have 80 dogs and 30 cats. They are adopting animals for free tomorrow between 12 and… Continue reading

Public Schools Being Sued For Refusing To Allow Service Dogs

These days, service dogs are being used to help autistic children live happy and safe lives. Service dogs are usually welcome inside any establishment in the USA. However, there are a few public schools that now say that they do not want any dog on the premises, service dog or not! The issue raised by these public schools is whether or not the dogs are actually working as “service dogs” for the autistic children, meaning that the dogs are quite… Continue reading

Readers Digest Pet Hero’s of 2009

In August this year, Readers Digest listed 5 pets that had performed heroic acts and asked the public to pick a winner. The winner was 13lb Chi Chi, a Chihuahua, for saving the lives of two women. Four other heroic pets were also contenders for the title, including a cat, a parrot, a horse and a terrier-poodle. Chi Chi In October 2008, Chi Chi, along with his owners Mary and Rick Lane, was visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina.… Continue reading

Can You Get Sick From Your Pet?

Even though the odds are against it, it is entirely possible for you to contract an illness from your pet. Called Zoonotic diseases, these are illnesses, infections and diseases that can be transmitted from an animal to a human being, such as Rabies for example. Most people do not realize that even though there are thousands of different types of Zoonotic diseases, transmission from animal to human is actually quite rare. A Zoonotic disease can be transmitted in one of… Continue reading

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