Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

Lucky dawg, lucky dawg, I’m a lucky dawg. Oh boy, am I happy! Yeah, I’ve got my arrow pointed high in the air, I’m aimin’ for the bacon, and life is ruffing good. My supaw-Sagittarian-ness has blessed me with happiness this year, which I joyfully yap forward to you: just call me the Lord of Love.Fellow Sagittarians, our natural inclination is to seek the truth – and teach it. And what’s more truthful than barking ♥ all over the place?… Continue reading

Your Right To Alternative Pet Health Care – What Bill Keeps The Bills Down?

This just in: my British Columbia, Canada buds have been yapping up a storm recently. Why? Their current veterinary legislation is up for review, and hints at making changes that may further limit a human’s ability to find alternative health care for their pet. Right now across Canada, humans need a referral from a conventional vet to seek a naturopathic/homeopathic vet for pet. Not only that, but a human has to pay extra for a conventional vet to supervise their… Continue reading

Dog Cushing’s Disease – I Don’t Buy That It’s So Cushy

Last month I visited with my boxer friend, Andy. Normally, Andy and I get along like peas and carrots, but our visit was hampered by a very strange show: he drank water almost non-stop and peed all over my house! Not only that he appeared unlike his usual self: he was thinner in the bod and hair. No, he wasn’t a drunk. Poor guy, turns out he has Dog Cushing’s Disease! My friends, Cushing’s ain’t cushy. Most common in dogs… Continue reading

Get Your Pet To The Vet – Pet Wellness Exams, When And Why

Most of us pets give our humans the paw as soon as vet time comes around. My pussy pal Sarah the Siamese gnaws the edge of a PJ drawer, while once upawn a time I used to take refuge deep, deep into my human Sage’s bed (it was stuffy but what the heck did I care – no see vet, vet no see me!). Your pet may start molting and whining at the word “vet”, but keep that appointment! Regular… Continue reading

We’re So Good For Each Other – A Love Letter To My Human

Dear Sage, I love you, you love me. We’re one happy family! I have found my humanmate. Our relationship keeps me healthy: I sense your love and affection, which helps me stay relaxed and feel safe. Your stroking and caressing makes my body release endorphins, which makes me feel happy. You feed me, keep me clean, and play with me. I am one lucky dog. In return, I am your most loyal servant. I love you unconditionally, and I never… Continue reading

Chompin’ At The Savoy – Picking The Right Chew Toy

Ok friends, today I’m throwing you all a bone! If there’s one thing we dogs, cats and otherwise can agree on, it’s that we like to get down with a good gnaw. It satisfies a primal urge within us, helps keep our teeth clean and breath fresh, and is just paws down good fun! Sadly, many of my friends in the past have been injured during chew time. Large amounts of rawhide can cause bloating and obstructions, cooked bones are… Continue reading

Walk The Dog (And Cat, And Rabbit, And Ferret)

Walk, walk, walk, lucky dog, lucky dog, I’m a lucky dog, straight into traffic ACK! Walk, walk, walk, luckylucky, let’s smell that flower ACK! Walk, walk, walk, there’sasquirrelrunforit ACK! That was my typical daily monologue in my early years, when my human Sage first started to train me. We would walk together every day, me on my leash next to her. That ACK! was me choking every time she yanked my chain, which was what a breeder had suggested she… Continue reading

Got Milk (Thistle)?

Ok, listen up all you booze-hounds and cats. This is a bit of a sobering article. Many of us need serious liver support, for all kinds of reasons: cat and dog liver disease, dog cushings disease… I wanted to give you all a yap about an incredible ingredient, because it’s so ruffing important! Since writing to you about how our humans create treatments for us pets, I’ve been reading up about milk thistle. Many of our Mediterranean, N. African and… Continue reading

Don’t Feed The Animals – Foods To Avoid

There is a reason why humans teach us not to beg for food. Besides the fact that it is really, really annoying to them (and my friends, we are choosers and not beggars), people food is just not pet food. Yes, we pets would do very well indeed on a diet of fresh vegetables, oils, and protein. But not on a people plate, and not drenched in sauces and followed by dessert. If it’s up to me, I poo-poo that… Continue reading

We Remember You

Bark Bark! To the horses, cats, dogs and other animal brothers and sisters whose lives served to help save other lives. And to their humans, who needed them to love, stay warm, and keep their faith – and whose lives served to save other lives, too. Thank you. We remember you all. Love, Buster Photo Credit: jono2k5

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