My Dog Had Fleas – Neem To The Rescue

Being the naturalist that I am, I usually know where in nature to turn when I feel a little ruff. A certain rumble in my tummy tells me to chew some grass, a few licks to a hurt and I’m as good as healed. Humans, like us animals, have always turned to nature when it comes to treating ailments. While we keep things simple: eat grass, poop out, they use more sophisticated methods: get in shiny horse, herd bottles, consume… Continue reading

Now Hear This! Pet Ears And Infections

Do your ears hang low, can you wave them to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow? Of course not. That would hurt like heck and obviously we pets are not about causing ourselves undue pain.Yap.Besides, our ears are particularly sensitive. Ask any pet: tug, pull or scratch us a little too hard and out come the fangs. We can’t help it. Our ears are super vulnerable too, when it comes… Continue reading

Think Pet Is Sick? How To Tell

I’m usually in top dog shape! But every once in a while I over-eat something, over-scratch something, or over-lick something. And then, I end up feeling like one poopy-pup. Lucky-dog me, my human Sage always knows how to help me. But for most humans, recognising when a pet has a case of the yacks can be hard to tell. Lately I’ve been running around with my dawgs at doggie daycare. Like most preschoolers, we tend to pass bugs back and… Continue reading

Paws In The Air, Bitches!

My pack and I have a friend, Friska*, aka Tiny Trouble. As her name suggests, she is one crazy kitty. There’s not one place she won’t pounce to keep herself amused. Annoying, yes – cute, super. And so, we her loyal friends put up with her monkey business (I’ve got the swat marks to prove it). She’s a kitten with 10 lives, and unless her human gives her a momentary time out there’s nothing stopping her. But in other parts… Continue reading

Win A $250.00 Gift Certificate From PetWellbeing!

Hey my little furry (and sometimes hairless) friends, it’s contest time again! Many of us have been seriously helped by PetWellbeing’s amazing products – and your humans are the ones we should thank! And what do humans love just as much as us? Winning something. Want to help your humans – and in your case kitties, your staff – win a heap of fabulous prizes? Of course you do (in other words: more treats for you!). Get them to send… Continue reading

Introducing Pet and New Baby

How I Coped With The New Addition (Not Well, Apparently, But Boy Is My Human Smart)! I love human babies. I love the way they smell, I love the way they laugh, I love the way they eat (it’s everywhere, I get to lick it off) – and when they start solids, oh my Dog. Do I feel lucky.I can say this now, since my favorite little human is a fine, strapping young man who was once a foreign blob… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Scorpio!

A little obsessive compulsiveness never hurt anyone: i.e. I am obsessed with my new doggie Kong (paws down the best chew toy ever), i.e. my feline friend Sheba compulsively hunts for critters on her owners’ farm (she loves it, they love it, love all around)… We furry family members are simple and instinctive. Big breath, read fast: you, Scorpio, tend to find yourself clawing at anything softer than cement or spinning at 75 mph while yapping unstoppably, and this, well,… Continue reading

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