Yee-haw, friends! I don’t know about you but I can barely bark tonight – I’ve almost ruffing lost my voice! See, last night I spent almost 45 minutes yapping non-stop at an intruder, who was trying to make his way into our home through the hot-mouth. He’s lucky it was my teeth and not the mouth that tried to stop him – his fur looked like the kind the mouth likes to swallow without chewing. And he had a lot… Continue reading

Grooming The Pet – How To Get Us Sleek and Gorgeous!

Oh yap, yap, yap how I love to be brushed and rubbed! We pets love your touch and affection, and there’s nothing like a serious grooming session (which should be done whenever we’re dirty – just use your nose!). That’s why I love the holidays: my human Sage takes it upon herself to make sure I’m extra silky-smooth, and great smelling (not stinky dawg like you know I love, but I put up with her version of yum). And boy… Continue reading

A Tooth For A Tooth – Proper Pet Dental Care

Chomping and chewing. Those are two of my favorite things to do! But I couldn’t do them if I didn’t have such amazingly strong fangs, thanks to my human’s diligent care. I’ve heard it said that doggies mouths are cleaner than a humans – you’ve praw-bably heard that too, right? Uh-uh. Think of all those places we stick our mouths, and you know it’s not true. That yapped, it’s just as important that we pets keep up dental hygiene as… Continue reading

Beware Bitches! How To Avoid Holiday Pet Accidents

Every holiday I get tons of mail from my pals, telling me how they narrowly (if at all) avoided a perilous season. From eating bad-for-pet-bum bon-bons to pulling a decorated tree arf-over-tea-kettle, I think I`ve heard barks of them all! Thank dogness that my human Sage knows how to carefully strategise around pet holiday perils. Now that I`m a big boy I know better than to chase a glass ornament, but back in the day I had no idea! I… Continue reading

Dear Santa Claws, Help Our Friends!

Dear Santa Claws, I hope you are happy and well, and that things up in the North Pole aren’t too cold. I hope you haven’t been too stressed out by the holiday preparations; and even though I am sure that Mrs. Claws is a great canner, I hope you are taking advantage of all of that fresh, raw meat up there. I know I would! But that’s not what I’m writing to you about. To answer your first question, yes… Continue reading

Congratulations, Bitches! Announcing This Month’s Contest Winners!

Oh, happy happy happy day! Today is the day you and your humans have all been waiting for: the post to announce the winners of our Testimonial Draw! I’m yapping it up in thanks for your te-ruff-ic testimonials! Thank dogness we didn’t have to choose Best Testimonial, as they were all so amazing. Instead, each of your entries went into a draw box, wherein I’ve had my hot little paws all morning. Behold the paw-drawn contest winners! Congratulations, bitches: 1st… Continue reading

Lavender – Mother Nature’s Chill Pill

Oh dawgs, I am really stressed out. I just got lunged at by one of the biggest chompers in our neighborhood, and he nipped me good. Luckily I was hanging with my human Sage at the time, and she hauled me straight home. Still, my heart hasn’t stopped racing since we got here – must have been 5 minutes ago now. I’m sitting in my corner having a lick, lick, lick,lick, and Sage is busy doing things. You know, like… Continue reading

What’s In A Name? How To Pick A Good One

I’m a lucky dog, on so many levels. I have a human who loves and adores me, lots and lots and lots of yummy treats, and a yard I can go to town in (and on). I also have a cool name: Buster, of English origin, meaning a particularly robust child. Also used informally in place of “fellow”, or as in “pal” (ie. from one pal to another). Very appropriate, IMHO, and don’t you think? I am a very robust… Continue reading


Have a pet you know and love, but don’t know what the ruff to give them? Sniff no further. I have unearthed my top 5 gift faves, so that you, dear humans, may have more time to devote to your beloved beast. Behold: Everyone loves the lap of luxury – it’s so warm up there! How about lapping luxury? A Drinkwell water fountain offers laps of love all day long. Great for cats and dogs (and other pets, too!). Treats… Continue reading

Putting Out The Fire In The Worm Hole – Natural Remedies for Itchy Bums

There’s a fire in the hole! There’s a fire in the hole! A real, ruffing fire! Have a gander at the fine young lad in the picture above. He has adopted a much too familiar activity, that of dragging ragingly hot bum on floor. Not just an attempt at relief engaged in by dogs, the “Butt Scrag” (a dragging scratch) can been witnessed amongst other species. I once even saw a human do it, while his friends barked “Drag the… Continue reading

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