Protecting Pets From Poisons – And How We Are Exposed To More Toxins Than You Humans

HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK! Ahem. Excuse me. I’ve just come back from a howl-iffic visit with my pal, and his human was cleaning the house. We were running around, playing with his doggie kong, when all of a sudden I felt like I couldn’t breathe – tears were burning in my eyes, and my skin was all hot and itchy. My human grabbed me and got me outta there, just in the knick of time. Dog bless her. Turns out, our human host… Continue reading

Zen And The Art Of Hyper-Pet Maintenance

Holy Cows, did I make my human crazy today! I was ruffing yapping all over the place one minute, then licking the walls the next. Koo-koo! I could not – absolutely not – hear a word she said. I refused to sit, even for treats. I didn`t have to, I was busy inhaling crumbs the size of my paws all afternoon. Hunh? What had gotten into me? I`ll tell you what. Today was the toddler`s birthday, and a bus load… Continue reading

Myrrh- An Ancient Ingredient For Allergy Treatment

A ruffing long time ago, three very smart humans supposedly brought some very special stuff to a certain special someone. That kid was the lucky recipient of the most valuable goods of the times: gold, frankincence, and myrrh. Photo Credit: sonyaAncient Ingredient Gold was obvious, since a kids need more than just a wooden-leg up in the world – they wanted to give him every opportunity to make it! Frankincense makes sense too, to ward off evil spirits and bad… Continue reading

Cutest Animal Babies In The World!

Ah, babies. I loves them. Who doesn’t? Every month I get piles of letters and photos from my animal pals around the world, and sometimes they’re just too cute not to share. Behold some of the bestest! Couldn’t you just roll over?! Photo Credit: macjewell Little Jersey from, you got it, Jersey. Isn’t she adaw-able? I just love her little pink nose.Photo Credit: bigtallguy Ok, Baby Borscht. Someone has to teach li’l one to quit cramming! Unless he’s studying. Ahem.Photo… Continue reading

Feline And Canine Warts – Can Humans Catch Them? No.

Oh, Dog. I’ve been chewing and chewing at this little nubbin’ all day, thinking that it was a little tick poking out of my fur. It’s a small, red, hard spot, and nothing’s doing! My human Sage finally came around to check out the spot, and swiftly offed me to the vet. Turns out, I have “viral papilloma” – a wart. Yes, I have a ruffing growth, ok? It’s no big deal, it’s benign. Meaning not cancerous. It doesn’t mean… Continue reading

Doggy Daycare – Tips On Choosing The Right One!

As yaw’ll know by now, I am one social dawg. I’m a regular at our community daycare, where me and my pals hang around a lot together. My gal is there too – you know, the one with the long red hair. She’s such a peach. Sigh. My human Sage was getting so busy around the house, what with her home-based writing and our new baby. I needed attention! So she found the best place ever for me: doggy daycare.… Continue reading

The Herby Pet – Aromatherapy For Animals!

I’ve yapped about this before, but my Dog my human is a Mistress Manipulator of my moods! When I’m wound up, she calms me down, when I’m lazy she knows how to energize me. Notonly that, she knows how to keep me flea and tick-free. What’s her secret? Something called aromatherapy! See, just like our humans, we pets are affected by scent. Deeply affected. What Is Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is the healing use of botanicals, in their essential oil form. When… Continue reading

Cop Chicks, Bitches!

[youtube=] Lest you think all chicks are pure feather-brains.

Wheat Gluten – Not Part Of Pet’s Natural Diet!

My human Sage wrote recently about man’s search for immortality. I myself wouldn’t mind living like a cat with nine lives! If I were a wild dog, chances are I would live to approximately 40 – but domesticated like, my life span has dwindled to 12 or 13, like my pal on the left. Why? Chalk it up to a totally inappropriate diet! Ok, so to be fair my human Sage feeds me fresh meats and veggies – I’ll probably… Continue reading

Your Pet May Predict Your Death!

Ever wondered when or how you were going to die? Your live-in pet may know. When I was little (er), my human Sage and I were in Los Angeles visiting family when all of a sudden I started whooping it up. The urge to yelp came from deep inside me – I couldn`t control it! I felt as though something were wrong, terribly wrongwrongwrongwrongwrong! I had to go outsideoutsideoutside! Wouldn`t you know it, a short while later we had an… Continue reading

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