Yipee, N. Algozine! You’ve Won Testimonial of the Month!

Dear, dear, Petlovers, On behalf of my fellow beasts, we loveslovesloves you! We love that you care for us and feed us, and help us stay happy. We know you loves us, too.You tell us all the time. This month I’d like to extend my paw to N. Algozine, who tells us how much she loves her kitties, how her kitties have prospered, and will live longer!Congratulations N. Algozine, to thank you for your winning testimonial you’ll be receiving your… Continue reading

Trade Cockatiel for Wedding Ring – WTRuff?!

Sometimes I wonder what the ruff humans are thinking. Don’t they know that pets are people, too? Recently a little birdie I know gave me an earful, regarding a certain human and his prized pet. Seems he has want for a certain shiny something, and has publicly offered up his feathered companion through an ad, in exchange. Oh the howl-orror! I just had to share. Bow-wow, Dude Harrington. My huge heart is with you! I hope by now you’ve found… Continue reading

Conjuctivitis – Not Just Rosy Colored Glasses!

I’m one happy go-lucky doggy. I look at the world through rosy-colored glasses, and hot dawg is this a great place to be! But this morning I couldn’t see a thing – my eyes were ruffing sealed shut with shtuff! When I finally managed to wrench my gooky orbs open, a hazy peek in the mirror told me that my eyes were more than rosy – they were red! And itchy. And watery. Ickickickick! I have Canine Conjunctivitis (also called… Continue reading

My Top Ten Enlightened Resolutions!

Happy ruffing New Ear, everypals! I can’t believe we’re already into 2010 – things have been so zip-a-di-doo-da that I haven’t been able to put paw to paper. I’ve been busy with my brand new set of New Ear’s Resolutions! This Ear I have decided to become enlightened, by giving in to all of my beastly instincts, wants and needs. In doing so, I hope to know myself best – and also end any self-destructive patterns! I think I spent… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Capricorn!

Oh Capricorn, you are baaaaaaaaad! You love climbing like I love digging – a lawt. I’ve watched my ambitious Capricorn friends scale all kinds of walls and counter tops, to get to the treats that they want! Almost nothing stops you, Cap, when you aim high. In fact, you’re one of those critters for whom, when you want to get to something, instead of going through the door you bust it down (again, you tha rammer!). All that jumping and… Continue reading

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