The 5 Most Dangerous Legal Pets Ever

We pets are cuddly. Fuzzy. Loyal and cute. Well, most of the time. But just because you love us doesn’t mean we’re safe to be around! Let’s face it, our animal natures can make our behaviour unpredictable, and sometimes downright dangerous. Throughout history, humans have kept animals for reasons beyond companionship. Men have kept rare, exotic creatures to demonstrate how worldly and rich they were; great beasts have roamed about castles, showing just how strong and virile their owners were.… Continue reading

Why Does My Pet Eat Grass?

Many, many, many humans have been dogging me with these questions lately: “Why is my pet pal chomping down in the garden?” and “my kitty took an extra long prowl through our lawn today, and – hey, what the heck that big green mess on my carpet?!”. Shtuff like that. So I thought that today I would discuss a very common occurance: why pets eat grass. Why Does My Pet Eat GrassThe answer is not, pardon the pun, clear cut.… Continue reading

Congratulations Lisa H., You’ve Won Testimonial Of The Month!

YapYapYap! I’ve read the most incredible testimonials this month, but this one made me put my paw to my heart in gratitude. Thanks to some herbal-lovin’, a kitty’s life was saved! Congratulations Lisa the Naturalist, from Madison, Tennessee – you’ve won this month’s testimonial of the month! Look for your prize in your email inbox! Here’s what Lisa has to bark: “My kitty was slowly starving to death. My kitty is 15 yrs. old. About 5 years ago she started… Continue reading

2010 Doggie Olympics – Everything You Need To Know About Best In Show!

It`s that time of year again, when we`re all watching some sort of sports. Well, my human is watching the 2010 Winter Olympics, while I watch the 134th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This year`s all around winner: a bitch named Sadie, the Scottish Terrier! I have to admit, she really was top dawg (sorry red-hair, I still love you!). The Proud Princess was crowed last night, and has begun making the various laps to promote her win. She`s… Continue reading

Healthy Hearts Part II – How To Tell If Your Dog Is Having A Heart Attack

Yes, we dogs celebrate Valentines Day, too. And we do so with happy, healthy, strong hearts! But keeping our hearts strong isn`t just all about filling them with love, pals. I wish it were that easy, but it`s not! As we`ve learned, many pets have some form of heart ailment. Today, I`d like to talk about a dog`s life, and our hearts. Is it possible for your doggy to have a heart attack-ack-ack? Common Heart Ailments In Dogs Unlike humans,… Continue reading

Healthy Hearts Part I – Keeping Our Hearts Healthy

Today my human, Sage, posted about heart disease. Well just like in humans, pets too can suffer from unhappy hearts! When we’re pooping like crazy or have skin problems, its so easy to tell that we have an ailment. But not so with our thumping hearts. Unless we exhibit certain symptoms of cardiac distress, there’s not a lot telling you that we have heart trubb! Does Your Pet Have Heart Disease? To the vet! To the vet! To the vet!… Continue reading

Pets In Lurve!

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How To Keep Pet Fit – Exercise Tips

Like all living creatures, the keys to a long and healthy life for us pets are clean water, healthy food, low stress, love, and of course, exercise. Now, I’ve heard it said often that you pet caregivers (especially dog lovers) chose a pet to not only have as a companion, but as a fitness partner. We are FANTASTIC fitness partners! Heck, any chance I get I love to run around, jump, spin, circle, whatever. It is so fun, and it… Continue reading

Pets Do Not = Children: The Cons Of Treating Pets Like Kids

We love you, humans. We, the family pet, are just that: family. We are one of your own, one of the children. And you sometimes treat us as such, too. Of course you do! While we are a different species, from a developmental perspective we pets are very similar to children. So it makes sense that you should love us in the familial way. Loving us is crucial to our lives being full of happiness! But treating us like children… Continue reading

I Like It Doggy Style – A Human’s Guide To Catching your Pet Some Tail

Well, kitties and pups, it’s that time of year again! That’s right fuzzy-folks, the amorous month of February has us chasing tails – and not just our own – just in time for spring. Just like our human friends, once the sun starts warming things up we start to get a little hot under our flea collars, too. As in, we want to get it on! But don’t get me wrong: just because we’re hawt-to-trot doesn’t mean we’ll do it… Continue reading

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