The #1 Rat Health Problem: Tumors

Rats can make wonderful pets: they are smart, easy to train and can be extremely affectionate. They need daily love and attention, but don’t require  walks around the block or large areas to explore. Relatively speaking, they are low maintenance pets. But rats are predisposed to tumor growth, which can cause extreme discomfort and even premature death. As a rat owner, you need to know how to prevent and manage this potentially life-threatening ailment!

How To Get Your Pet To Take Medicine

It’s challenging enough for some of us to make pet sit. Never mind take his medicine! But with the right tricks and tips, and a lot of patience, he’ll have that pill swallowed in no time. Kinds of Medication When your pet is sick, or has just had surgery, chances are they need medicine of a sort. It could be an antibiotic to ward of infection, or a prescribed blood-thinner to be taken long-term. Whatever the case may be, your… Continue reading

How To Groom Your Cat – From Cleaning Ears To Clipping Nails

Cats naturally keep themselves clean. In fact, your cat will clean itself a few times a day! But as their caretaker it’s just as important that you groom them, too. Kitties can’t reach deep into their ears or clip their own nails, so your help is necessary. What You Need Grooming your kitty is easy, when you have the right tools. To make sure your time is quick and easy, you’ll need the following: Old Clothing – Particularly a long-sleeved… Continue reading

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