Fireworks….fun for us…torture for dogs and cats :(

Long Holiday weekends are a time of relaxation, entertainment, travel and celebration with family and friends. Most of our national holidays include fireworks, either put on in people’s backyards, or as part of civic celebrations. While they are awe inspiring and exhilarating for us, for a lot of pets, they are a nightmare. There are three aspects of fireworks that can cause a pet distress. The loud thundering noise and vibration, the flashing lights and the smell of sulfur. It… Continue reading

Sunburn…..Animals get burned too!!

We all know the dangers of too much sun exposure. While clothing and shade provide protection from the sun for humans, the coat of an animal acts in the same way. However, animals with thin coats are susceptible to sun damage just like we are and it certainly is the time of the year, especially for those in more northern climates, when we are getting out and enjoying the sun and warmth returning to the air. Sunburn is caused by… Continue reading

Fresh Water…Pets Like it Better!

Does your cat drink from the tap? Dog prefer the toilet bowl? As strange as it may seem, there is a physiological reason why our pets like fresh water…even though we might not think that toilet water is fresh!!! In nature, moving water is cleaner, has less bacteria than stagnant water. Moving water constantly breaks the surface tension of the water, drawing oxygen from the air to the water in a process called aeration. It makes water more appealing to… Continue reading

Getting Rid of Fleas – Naturally!

We believe that the best prevention against fleas and other parasites is a healthy animal. Although animals in good health will be less prone to getting fleas, some still do…and certainly animals whose health is compromised, or those that are young or old, are more susceptible. There are many flea control products on the market today but most use pesticides and toxic chemicals applied topically or given orally. What is deadly to a flea can have nasty side effects to… Continue reading

Cocoa Mulch – Toxic Cocoa Munch!!!

We have talked about the dangers of Theobromine twice in the last few weeks and our recent article on Foods You Should Never Give Your Pet, solicited a comment from a fan about the danger of Cocoa Mulch. This is for those of you that may not have been informed about the dangers of cocoa mulch to your dog (and cat) and if it saves one animal, then it will have been worth it. Theobromine is the chemical found in… Continue reading

Foods You Should Never Give Your Pet!!

1 . Grapes and Raisins- Grapes have been deemed a toxic food resulting in very sick animals. Although the actual quantity may vary with each animal it’s in your best interest to stay clear away from grapes altogether. 2 . Onions and Garlic– A small amount of Garlic is OK but this family of vegetables contain a substance known as N-propyl disulphide which can cause anemia. This substance is known to have a terrible impact on red blood cells; which… Continue reading

Walking the Dog…

Seems like a simple thing…you have a dog, it needs exercise, you go for a walk. However, the question of how long, how often, how and where is dependent on a number of factors including age, activity level, size and breed. Puppies need to run and play but taking them for long walks and especially running is not a good idea. Young animals are growing and their musculoskeletal system can easily become overtaxed. They are also not designed to run… Continue reading

Milk Thistle – Healing Herb for the Liver

Like so many of the plants that grow everywhere around us, Milk Thistle is overlooked by most of us and considered an invasive species in some regions. And, like many plants often regarded as “weeds”, Milk Thistle is one of the thousands of herbs used for its powerful medicinal qualities, in particular for healing and supporting the liver. The medicinal use of Milk Thistle dates back at least 2000 years, being noted in both ancient Greek and Roman texts. Nicholas… Continue reading

Essential Fatty Acids – The Facts about Fats

Essential Fatty Acids are the fats found in all cell membranes, tissues and organs in the body and regulate nearly every bodily function. Both humans and animals are unable to produce these fats, so they must be obtained from food. Dogs and cats often do not get the daily supply of EFA’s they need, even when on a raw diet. As a result, normal growth and development can suffer. Essential fatty acids help build muscle mass and strong bones and… Continue reading

TIS The Season…To Be Itchy!!!

Spring is arriving and with it, a lot of animals, like people, will be suffering from seasonal allergies. As most allergy sufferers are aware, seasonal allergies are caused by airborne pollens released by trees, grasses and weeds as they pollinate and fertilize each other. Another contributor to seasonal allergies are molds in outdoor air. Allergy season usually starts in late winter or early spring and runs through to late summer or early fall, depending on the climate in your particular… Continue reading

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