Feeding Raw – Part 4: The Why’s and How’s of Feeding Raw!

The main reasons why we recommend a raw diet are: • Dogs and cats are carnivores, so their entire body from nose to tail is designed to eat raw meat • They should get hydration from the food they eat, through digestion. They get the benefit of this from raw meat • The enzymes and bioavailability of nutrients in raw are essential to their optimal health • It helps their bodies become more acidic, creating a naturally unfriendly environment for… Continue reading

Feeding Raw – Part 3: Kibble – 101!

How is it that kibble diets became the norm in how we feed our dogs and cats? To fully answer this question, we must look at the history of how manufactured pet food originated. In the late 1850’s, a young electrician from Cincinnatti named James Spratt went to London to sell lightning rods. When his ship arrived, crew members threw left over ship biscuits onto the dock, where they were devoured by hordes of waiting dogs. Spratt had the idea… Continue reading

Feeding Raw – Part 2: The True Carnivore – here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

There is no doubt about it….cats are wild by nature! However sweet, however tame, however comfy she is by the fire or on her favorite perch, in her favorite bed, we know she is not far from self sufficiency. If our sweet little kitty somehow ended up living outside, there is a strong chance she would hunt, eat and survive. Some are more efficient hunters than others, evidenced by the prizes they might drop at the doorstep, or bring in… Continue reading

Feeding Raw-Part 1: A Wolf in Dogs Clothing

Looking at a cute, fluffy white Maltese, it is hard to imagine that this little dog is essentially the same as a Wolf! While they may look different on the outside, on the inside, they are identical and have similar nutritional requirements. To truly understand how little difference there is between the wolf and the domestic dog, we have to look at their history of evolution. No one knows for sure how the human/canine bond began but we do know… Continue reading

Shed Happens – But there are Ways to Reduce It!

It is almost inevitable and unavoidable that if you have pets, you will have varying degrees of animal fur at various times of the year! Shedding is a natural process so you cannot eliminate it entirely. The volume of shedding does depend on genetics and there are variations within that, depending on the overall health of the animal, their age, how much they exercise, lifestyle, stress factors, frequency of grooming, diet etc. Diet and supplementation can make a major difference… Continue reading

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