Declawing cats – The real truth!!!

A cat’s claws are used for balance, exercising and stretching the muscles in their legs, back, shoulders, and paws. They stretch these muscles by digging their claws into a surface and pulling back against their own clawhold. The toes help the foot meet the ground at a precise angle to keep the leg, shoulder and back muscles and joints in proper alignment. Contrary to most people’s understanding, declawing consists of amputating not just the claws, but the whole phalanx (up… Continue reading

Pedicures for Puppies (and kitties) – What you need to know about clipping nails!

Clipping a dog and cats nails is not as easy as it looks. For one thing, a moving target is a real challenge. If your pet is difficult, or you are just starting out, make sure they are calm and comfortable, speak softly and gently and have treats for rewards and to distract (great to have someone helping, feeding treats while you snip). Clip only one nail, then reward them. If they are OK with it, do more, but if… Continue reading

Taurine – Essential nutrient for Cats!

Taurine is an organic amino acid that is most talked about as part of the feline diet. Unlike dogs, humans and most other mammals, cats cannot synthesize their own taurine from the other building block amino acids because they don’t have high enough levels of certain enzymes. So, they must get taurine directly from their food sources. What happens if cats don’t get enough taurine? Taurine is essential for vision, immune health, cardiac muscle function and nervous and reproductive system… Continue reading

Hot Car = Death for a Dog!!!

With the hotter weather either here or approaching, it seems only logical that a dog, cat, child or any other living creature, should not be left in a car. However, logic seems to go “out the window” for many people as authorities still get hundreds if not thousands of “dog in a hot car” calls each summer. Don’t think that your car will get hot only if it’s in the sun. A vehicle heats up about 20 Fahrenheit degrees hotter… Continue reading

Making biscuits…..Why do Cats knead?

Cats seem to have a deep seated need to knead! They will knead their bed, your cushions, your belly or knees and as we saw in the previous video, other cats…or dogs…or sometimes they just knead the air, when they are lying on their backs, which is particularly cute So, what inspires a cat to “make biscuits”? One reason stems from kittenhood. Kittens must nurse their mother to get milk. Kneading moms belly stimulates milk to flow more freely. This… Continue reading

Ticked Off? What you need to know about Ticks!!!

A tick is an ectoparasite (living externally) that feeds on the blood of mammals, birds and occasionally reptiles and amphibians. Ticks are often found in tall grass or wooded/forested regions throughout the world but they are especially common where there are deer. They are more active in warmer weather (April to November) but can attack a host at any time. A tick feeds on your dog, drops off when full and lays eggs in the environment and yes, they can… Continue reading

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