Feline Leukemia Virus (FELV)

FELV is a disease that is common in cats. It is caused by a retrovirus that is found world-wide. FELV infections reduce the ability of the cat’s immune system to protect itself from secondary infections with bacteria, viruses or fungal agents. The prevalence of FELV varies from area to area. FELV is not contagious to humans, only other cats. It is transmitted by contact with infected body fluids such as saliva, blood, urine or semen. Most cats are infected from… Continue reading


Rabies is once again in the news. There have been 2 cases of rabies that have made the headlines. Most recently a bobcat in Georgia was confirmed positive with rabies after it bit 2 dogs and late last year, there was a case in Ohio involving a Siberian Husky. Rabies is a reportable disease and it is contagious to humans. For both humans and domestic animals, the primary source of rabies is the bite of a rabid wild animal. The… Continue reading

Anti-freeze toxicity

One of the most common forms of poisonings found in pets is antifreeze toxicity. Antifreeze or ethylene glycol, is found in car radiators and is also used to winterize pipes and toilets in mobile homes and other vacation homes. Most pets get exposed to antifreeze from leaking car radiators. This substance is lethal and it only takes a small amount to poison your pet. The substance is sweet and less than 3 ounces is enough to poison a medium size… Continue reading

Canine Influenza

Late last year Canine Influenza was in the news. It was predicted that our canine friends were likely to suffer from the flu this year. If we look at the rate of dog-flu cases reported at major veterinary labs, we find that this is a lack luster year for dog flu. New York City and the metro area did have an outbreak and continues to have some reported cases. Texas, Colorado, California and Massachusetts have had a few reports of… Continue reading

Anesthesia and Your Pet

So the time has come for your pet to be spayed or neutered and you, like many pet parents are concerned about your pet’s anesthesia. When your puppy or kitten is spayed or neutered, he/she is put under general anesthesia which means he/she is unconscious and not able to feel pain. There are always risks associated with any anesthetic, but the reality is your dog is more likely to be in a car accident than have any problems with a… Continue reading

Canine and Feline Vestibular Disease

What would you think if your old dog developed a sudden head tilt, seemed unco-ordinated and trouble controlling his facial muscles? Most people would think that their dog had had a stroke. Fortunately, strokes are very rare in dogs and cats but something that looks similar,vestibular disease is very common. Vestibular disease occurs when there is a problem in the body’s balance system. The balance center has 2 components–one is in the middle ear and the other is in the… Continue reading

Feeding Dogs and Cats

Nutrition is the foundation of pet health. If the nutrition is correct, then your pet will thrive, ward off diseases naturally and generally live a longer, healthier life. If his or her nutrition is lacking, then your pet is subject to many diseases of aging and vitality. It only makes sense to feed our pets the types of food that they were created/evolved to eat. Dogs and cats are both carnivores although cats are obligate carnivores. This means that cats… Continue reading

More Aflatoxin in Pet Foods

Aflatoxin has made its way into pet food again. Three pet food manufacturers have recalled dry dog food over the course of one week. Cargill Animal Nutrition and Advanced Animal Nutrition recalled near one year’s worth of product. The Iams company has recalled a single lot of ProActive Healthy Smart Puppy Food in 7, 8 and 17.5 pound bags. The Cargill food is River Run and Marksman brands. Most of the affected product has been distributed in the South and… Continue reading

Another Amazing Dog

A battered women’s shelter in Missouri has changed its policy all because of a dog hero. Last year a heroic Great Dane used his body as a shield to save his beloved owner. Her domestic partner was attacking her with a hammer and her dog lay on top of her and took the blows for her. The dog suffered several broken ribs and a broken hip according to the New York Daily Times. He and the woman were then thrown… Continue reading

Motion Sickness in Dogs

I think most pet owners are familiar with motion sickness. It usually happens when you and your pet are in a hurry to go somewhere and there it is….your dog vomits all over your new car upholstery. This is classical motion sickness.

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