Homemade Diets for Dogs

  photo credit: Ian Sane Here is the basic diet that would be good for most dogs. 1 lb. Salmon, Mackerel , Tuna, Catfish, Halibut (boiled, baked or fried in olive oil) 3 oz of chicken liver or gizzard 4 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Food Therapy for Dogs

photo credit: Extra Zebra Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) Food therapy is used to treat specific health conditions, and to prevent disease. Homemade diets are the foundation of food therapy. The goals of food therapy are to improve quality of life, slow progression of disease, and help the body breakdown, digest and utilize as many vital nutrients as possible.

Animal Chiropractic Work

When Dr Palmer developed chiropractic over 100 years ago, he developed it as a system that could be used on any animal with a vertebral system. In the early 1900’s chiropractors were trained to adjust humans, horses, dogs, cats, and other animals. Adjusting of animals fell out of favour as chiropractors aligned themselves with the human medical system in the 1920‘s.

Why Pets are Good for us!

photo credit: SodanieChea All pet lovers think that their pets are special and they are, but most of us do not realize how good our pets are for us. Here are 10 ways our pets are good for us . 1. Pets are good for us. Research has shown that spending 15 to 30 minutes with your pet will lower your cortisol level and increase your serotonin level. This means your stress level will significantly decrease when you are interacting… Continue reading

Spay or Neuter Your Pet

photo credit: www.metaphoricalplatypus.com Pet overpopulation is the major cause of suffering and death in companion animals. Six million dogs and cats will end up in shelters every year and the sad truth is half of them will be euthanized because they can not find homes. In addition, there are a large number of feral ( wild or at large) pets that never make it to a shelter and have to live on the streets, sick, homeless and a safety hazard… Continue reading

Allergic Dermatitis in Cats and Dogs

Skin problems are very common in cats and dogs. One of the most common skin issues is allergic dermatitis. Allergies that affect the skin are called allergic dermatitis. Pets are subject to the same environmental allergens as people. Pets suffer allergies to food, plants, pollen, environmental substances, and external parasites ( such as fleas , ticks and mites). Most cats and dogs with allergic reactions have skin irritation. That irritation can be seen as itchy skin and feet, scabs and… Continue reading

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