Whooo, My Cat has Bad Breath!

Feline gingivitis or stomatitis is a very common problem in adult cats. It is painful inflammation of the gums, and mouth. Often the gums and gingival tissue is red, swollen and bleeding. Bad breath is always present and sometimes there is infection.

Autoimmune Diseases in Pets

Autoimmune diseases occur commonly in our pets. They are more common in dogs than in cats. An autoimmune disease is one in which the body forms antibodies to the pet’s own tissues. It is really a result of a hyped up immune system that has gone wild. The exact cause is unknown but it is thought to be due to chronic exposure to toxins and chemicals that cause chronic inflammation. These toxins can be anything foreign to the body. Antibiotics… Continue reading

Flea Repellant Aromatherapy for Dogs

To make a flea-repellent oil follow these directions. Do not use this on cats only dogs. Take 20 ml of extra virgin olive oil. To this add 7-8 drops of Peppermint 1-2 drops of Citronella 3-4 drops of Lemon 3-4 drops of Clary Sage Mix this together and add a few drops to a collar , bandana or rub on the dog. This will help repel fleas but does not kill them. Do not use on cats!

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