Hypothyroidism in Dogs

Hypothyroidism in dogs is a very common problem. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland, a small gland in the neck adjacent to the windpipe, does not produce enough thyroid hormone. The thyroid gland is considered a master gland . It is responsible for producing thyroid hormones which have an effect on many parts of the body, including the skin and hair coat, metabolism, behaviour, attitude and even bone marrow function. In dogs, immune mediated disease and atrophy of the gland… Continue reading

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition in dogs in which the hip joint does not develop properly. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint. In hip dysplasia either the socket is not properly formed or the ball is not the right shape so there is not a good fit. This leads to instability and causes the soft cartilage of the joint to erode or wear away leading to arthritis. Hip dysplasia can affect one or both hip and… Continue reading

Tracheal Collapse

Tracheal collapse is a condition commonly seen in Toy breed dogs such as Poodles, Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers. When it does occur, the dog makes a distinctive honking sound that is frightening. It sounds like the dog can not catch his breath.

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