Itchy Owie Ointment for Winter Paw Care

Paw Care in Winter Winter weather can be very tough on your dogs paws if you live in the north. With the onset of ice and snow comes salt to melt the ice. This salt can cause havoc with your dog’s paws. Prolonged contact with road salt and other chemical deicers can cause severe chemical burns to your dog’s feet. This is often a cause of limping after a walk on the road or sidewalk in the winter. When possible… Continue reading

Cat Proofing your Christmas Tree

Cats love Christmas and Christmas trees. It is only natural that your cat should be interested in all the lights and ornaments on your tree and the tree itself, but many cats (including one of my own) have caused havoc by climbing the tree or pulling it over. Here are a few tips to keep your cat and the tree safe. An artificial tree is safer for the cat as it does not shed the needles that some cats love… Continue reading

Winterizing Your Pet

Winter is just around the corner, actually starting in about 3 weeks. Now is the time to get your pet ready for winter. Although I do not agree that pets should be keep outside all the time, there are people who do not allow their pets in the house. If this is the case it is important that outdoor cats and dogs have adequate, warm shelter for the winter. Now is the time to review your dog or cat’s outdoor… Continue reading

Cushing’s Disease and Adrenal Harmony

Pet Wellbeing is pleased to make available a new herbal formulation for Cushing’s Disease in Dogs. Our new formulation, Adrenal Harmony (link is here: is an improvement on the old Supraglan formula. This new herbal combination was formulated by herbalists and naturopathic veterinarians to take advantages of the advances made in herbal medicine over the last 10 years. Cushing’s Disease is common in older dogs and also in dogs who have been given too much corticosteroids (like prednisone). In older… Continue reading

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