Preparing your Pet for Emergencies

on June 30, 2016
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A little bit of planning may just save your pet’s life in case of an emergency. With the onset of summer comes storms and for parts of North America, hurricanes and tornados and sometimes floods. Preparing your pet for emergencies in advance is how you ensure that your entire family is looked after!

Depending on where you live you may or may not think about this, but pets can be stranded as well during natural disasters. Below you will find helpful information for any pet owner as well as some herbal remedies for when your pets experience pain, anxiety, inflammation and nervousness:

It always pays to be prepared. Here are some things you can do to prepare your pet for an emergency:

  • Get familiar with pet-friendly emergency shelters in your area, but remember they are  the last resort. Staying with friends is better. You may also want to scout out pet-friendly hotels.
  • Make sure you have pet carriers. And for cats, don’t forget the litter box (portable ones are available).
  • All these preparations become even more important if your pets include  exotic or unusual species. They won’t be welcome at shelters and maybe not even at friends or relatives.
  • In addition to your own box of emergency supplies, stock a pet hurricane box with leashes, food bowls, water and sealable bags for extra food. And don’t forget favorite blankets, bedding or some toys that will make your pet feel better.
  • Don’t forget a pet first aid kit– here is a link to a previous blog post about how to make it.
  • Don’t overlook the veterinary documents you should have ready to take with you. These include your veterinarian’s phone number, your pets’ vaccination histories, your pets’ microchip registrations and records detailing any chronic illnesses
  • If your pet has not been microchipped, make arrangements to do that now so if you are separated he or she can be easily returned to you, If your pet is microchipped make sure the microchip registration has been updated.

Pet Wellbeing Recommendations

Pack all the medicines your pets take, in the original bottles! We always recommend having preventative remedies on hand, especially in times of emergency.

Pet Wellbeing offers safe and effective herbal blends such as Stress Gold and Comfort Gold remedies which are suitable for both cats and dogs and can be used to address pain and inflammation.



Comfort Gold: Natural pain support  in dogs and cats:

  • Supports healthy blood flow and movement
  • Supports your pet’s natural ability to rest well
  • Keeps your pet comfortable and content
  • No side effects, non-addictive and gentle on the stomach
  • Use intermittently, as needed
  • Contains certified organic and ethically harvested ingredients

  • No need to stress out your pets, consider Stress Gold herbal remedy safe and effective for both dogs and cats. Helps with insomnia and stress response due to noises like thunderstorms or firework, travelling and even nervousness.
  • If your cat or dog gets car sick, considering using a natural substance like Ginger for this. Do not use tranquillizers as this can cause hypotension or hyper excitability— consider Stress Gold
  • Diarrhea Support – Maybe a parasite or an infection they have picked up, either way, they are uncomfortable and unhappy, and can use your help in making their discomfort go away. — consider a BM Tone-Up Gold our tested, herbal formula for supporting gastrointestinal health and soft stools.  This all-natural supplement is uniquely designed to support the digestive system.
  • To apply directly on to the trouble zone such as burns, cuts, bites, abrasions and any redness – consider ointment Itchy Owie for pets’ paws and skin.


View product page for Comfort Gold for Dogs & Cats  

Dog with Pet First Aid Kit

You may also be interested in this relevant blog by our Veterinarian, Dr. Janice, “How to Prepare an Emergency Kit for Pets”  especially during travel and planning for the unexpected! 

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