Holistic Treatment for Kidney Disease in Cats

Veterinarian Reviewed on November 18, 2011 by Dr. Janice Huntingford, DVM
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A few months ago I wrote about Kidney Disease in Dogs but here is a cat specific article. Chronic kidney failure is extremely common in older cats. In most cases when the pet starts to show signs of kidney disease the cause of the problem may be long gone but the damage to the kidney has been done. When we treat this disease we do not expect cure it but to manage the problem so the kitty have a good quality of life.

Most people do not realize that the kidney is responsible for removing toxins from the body, regulating blood pressure, conserving water,activating Vitamin D, balancing salts, stimulating the production of red blood cells and other complex functions. When the kidney starts to fail it, its ability to get rid of toxins decreases. To compensate for this the patient has to drink a lot of water to try and flush these toxins out. The kidney loses its ability to save the proper salts and vitamins and just flushes everything out. Toxic levels go up in the pet’s body and that makes him or her feel ill, lethargic, anorexic and vomiting is possible. Conventional treatment for this is IV fluids, hospitalization and maybe some meds to help the cat feel better like Pepcid or Cerenia for vomiting. A diet change is frequently prescribed, however that is usually the extent of it. Although kidney transplants are available for cats, they are expensive and dangerous. From a conventional stand point your traditional veterinarian does not have more to offer.

Holistic medicine however is extremely helpful for this condition especially when combined with traditional medicine. Administering subcutaneous fluids ( under the skin) at home by the owner has been a life saver for many cats. Holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins can help to prolong your pet’s life and improve his appetite and energy level. Kidney Support Gold – Cat Kidney Disease Support can be a life saver for these pets. Chinese herbs like Rehmannia have been used for thousands of years for kidney problems in humans. Other Chinese herbs can be used to stimulate appetite. Holistic medications like Renal Advance Powder binds the toxins in the gut and can help the cat to excrete them. Don’t give up on your cat yet–I have seen a large number of these renal failure cats return to a normal life for many years with holistic treatment. Seek out a holistic veterinarian so he or she can help you get your cat back on the road to health.

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