Doggies for Dummies: 35 + Resources for First Time Dog Owners

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Being a first-time dog owners can be quite an undertaking, this can be even more so if you’ve never had the pleasure of owning one before. Many questions come up just as they do with any new undertaking. A great place to find answers to these questions is online, but then you face yet another problem, actually finding it. So we decide to make things a bit easier for our readers and gather all the resources that you may end up needing into one easy to find spot.

Finding the Perfect Dog

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Tips on Adopting a Dog – A guide to the first few weeks with your new dog.
Before You Buy (or Adopt) – A great list of things to consider before you adopt a new dog.
How to Choose a Dog – Howstuffworks article on the many factors to consider before bringing a dog home.
What to Look For When Adopting a Dog – A video discussing the question “Should I adopt a puppy or a dog?”
Choosing a Dog – A great resource that dicusses everything you need to consider before.
How to Adopt a Dog – A great guide to adopting a dog from
Choosing Male or Female – helps you with choosing between a male and female dog.
Buying a dog? Beware of breeder – Very important information to consider before buying a dog from a breeder.
Find a dog breeder – Dog breeders search directory to help you find a purebred dog breeder in your area.

First Things To Consider

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First Time Dog Owners – A list of articles specifically written for people bringing home a dog for the first time.
Puppies: Recommendations for New Owners – Good advice from the Quail Creek Veterinary Clinic on how to handle your new puppy.
Naming you dog – An awesome resource for anyone looking for dog names. Allows you to easily save potential names for review later.
Myths and facts about spaying and neutering – There is a lot of misconception about this subject. Check out this article to find out what is Myth and what is Fact.
The Economics Of Pet Ownership – Before bringing your new dog home you should get an idea of the potential costs that you will need to budget for. This article does a good job preparing you for that.
Essential Pet Supplies – A good list of items to get before you bring you new bundle of joy home.
30 Tips for Raising Puppies – 30 tips specifially for new puppy owners.

Bringing Your New Dog Home

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Bringing Your New Dog Home – A guide to help adopters start off on the right paw.
How to Get a Landlord to Accept Pets – Not sure your landlord will be ok with your new little friend? Check out these tips.
Housebreaking – Learn the key to successfuly housetraining your new dog.
How to Potty Train a Puppy – Advice on potty training specifically geared toward puppies.
How to Puppy Proof Your Home – Keep your puppy safe and avoid having your home damaged.
How to Build a Dog House – Give your new dog a nice little home of his own with this guide to building a dog house.
Housetraining – Advice from the Humane Society on housetraining your dog.
Easy, Inexpensive Dog Bed – Getting a new dog can be expensive, this guide will help you save some cash by teaching you to make your own inexpensive dog bed.
Prevent Your Puppy’s Destructive Chewing – How to prevent your new puppy from tearing into the furniture, and everything else, once you get it home.
How to Surprise Your Children With a New Dog – eHow’s 8 step guide to surprising you kids with a new dog.

Training Your Dog

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Train an Untamed Dog – How to train a dog that has never had any obedience training before.
Body Language in Training your Dog – Learn about how using the proper body language while training your dog can make a big difference in the effect.
How to Leash Train a Dog – An excellent resource for anyone leash training their dog.

Emergencies and Veterinary Care

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Holistic Vet List – The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Member Referral Search.
Finding a Good Vet – A few guidelines on select ing the right veterinarian.
Tips on Finding a Trained Holistic Veterinarian – List of resources for finding a holistic veterinarian.
Is it an Emergency? – An extreamly useful list of conditions that require immediate attention. The Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Cincinnati compiled this list of pet health emergencies.
Emergency Dog Health Care Videos – 15 videos at Expertvillage going over many common dog health emergencies.
Pet Insurance Shopping Tips – 16 Tips and Questions To Ask When Shopping For A Policy.

Keeping Everything Clean

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Dog Grooming Tips – One of the best resources for learning about how to groom your dog. Make sure to check out the links in the aritlce, they are just as good a resource as the article itself.
Clipping a Dog’s Claws (Toenails) – Vital guide for any dog owner who will be clipping their dogs toenails.
How to Clean Dog Urine – Good information to know, especially before your dog has been housetrained.
How to Remove Pet Hair – Wikihow’s seven step guide on how to remove pet hair.
Removing Pet Hair From Your Home – The Ultimate Guide to removing pet hair from your home.

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