How To Avoid Holiday Pet Accidents

Veterinarian Reviewed on December 18, 2009 by Dr. Janice Huntingford, DVM
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Every holiday I get tons of mail from my pals, telling me how they narrowly (if at all) avoided a perilous season. From eating bad-for-pet-bum bon-bons to pulling a decorated tree arf-over-tea-kettle, I think I`ve heard barks of them all!
Thank dogness that my human Sage knows how to carefully strategise around pet holiday perils. Now that I`m a big boy I know better than to chase a glass ornament, but back in the day I had no idea! I was THIS close to chomping an Xmas star, which would have ripped out my insides. I`m yapping to you, it was a Clawsmas Miracle.
Some humans are unaware of just how dangerous to us the holidays can be! I`ve taken today to put paw to keys, listing out some avoidable ruff-ups:
Ornaments: We are curious critters. Put out any thing new, shiny or otherwise, and we wannahaveattit! Those glimmering, dangly things set out before us are practically begging us to play around – and dawg, those balls are sure fun to swat around. Instead of glass or metal, try using wood, fabrics or toxin-free plastic – we won`t get cut.
Trees: What the ruff is that thing growing in my living room I? Chances are if it`s there, I will pee on it. I might also go for the water if it`s a live tree, which can poison me after it`s been sitting for so long. Blech. A few crazy kitties I know have the sharpest drive to get to the top – which can pull that tree right down. Try covering the stand, or putting up a tree in a pet-free zone.
Flowers and berries: Mistletoe, holly berries and lilies can cause kidney failure in cats, and poinsettas can cause us stomach upsets. You know we love to chew us some plants, so do us a favor and leave them growing outside!
Lights and Candles: I`m a whapper. Most of my pals are, too. We wag our tails so hard they send most things in their path flying! An open flame next to our walkway is not a good idea. And wires pose a paw-ticularly dangerous attraction: for the young and old who love to play with stings and things, a wire will look mighty chewable. One chew will give us the shock of our lives – literally – and can not only cause a pet injury or death, but cause a fire as well. Cover the wiring on floors and tack up loose cords!
Bon-Bons: I loves me a good biscuit! But not of the human kind (although I wish I could I wish I could I wish I could). Human foods of all sorts can cause all kinds of injury and harm, so keep every treat out of pet`s reach. Check out my post on foods to avoid, HERE.
And other than the sight of some crazy, over-sized intruder dressed entirely in red (that was the year I woke everyone up early and we got to open gifts at 4:30 in the morning), there isn`t much more that can cause us pets potential damage!
Dear humans, let`s keep this season safe and sound – all around.
That`s a wrap, Buster
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