Lavender – Mother Nature’s Chill Pill

on December 10, 2009
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LavenderOh dawgs, I am really stressed out. I just got lunged at by one of the biggest chompers in our neighborhood, and he nipped me good.

Luckily I was hanging with my human Sage at the time, and she hauled me straight home. Still, my heart hasn’t stopped racing since we got here – must have been 5 minutes ago now. I’m sitting in my corner having a lick, lick, lick,lick, and Sage is busy doing things. You know, like those humans always do, banging around…

Anyhow, I’m licking away and my leg is hurting, but I can feel my heart is starting to calm. Thank Dogness. Mmmm, what’s that smell? Sage has something on the stove that smells goooooood. A little herby, a little spicy, a little sweet. I’m just gonna inhale a little deeper… Oh yeeeeeeaaaaah. It’s really good. And… I’m cool.

Alright anyhow, so now I’m feeling better but my leg is really hurting and – oh, here comes Sage with a bottle and some cloth. Hey, hey, she’s spraying me with the same herby-spicy-sweet stuff! Whimperwhimper! Oh… but that feels nice, too. Yeah, real nice. Like, I wanna just lie down now for a bit and… zzzz…

Snorf – oh, hey dawgs, sorry about that! I guess I dozed off. Hunh. 5 minutes ago I was freaking out, and now here I am feeling just fine! What the ruff did my human just do? I’m going to find out.


Ok, so I had a little sniff around, and it turns out Sage is one smart, smart, biscuit! After she brought me home, she took out some lavender oil and burned it in her aromatherapy burner to calm me down. See, lavender is a natural remedy for everything from insomnia to anxiety, and it produces calming, soothing effects. It did me in!

The name lavender comes from the Latin lavare, which means “to wash”. Sage grows her own lavender in a big pot. Hers has silvery grey-green leaves, and blue-violet flowers. I just think it’s the prettiest thing! It has antibacterial, analgesic and antimicrobial properties – in fact, hospitals during those crazy human World Wars used the oil to clean off walls and surfaces. I guess that’s why Sage used it to clean my wound!

Pets: advise your humans that some of your best remedies can be growing right in their own yards! Or at their local healthy pet stores.

Hot Dog, I never would have guessed that our li’l lavender would do me so good. I’ll have to stop territorizing her from now on.

Passing my luck to you, Buster

Chill Dog

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