Brothers reunited after Cushing’s disease

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About a year ago, Geraldine returned from a holiday to her home in Benbrook, Texas, to find Sterling, her three-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, in very poor condition. The dog was severely dehydrated and lethargic. A family member had rushed Sterling to the vet as he was having spasms. After running a series of tests, Sterling’s mom was given the bad news: the Schnauzer had Cushing’s disease. “We were devastated. He is only three years old,” Geraldine says. Even worse, Sterling had a younger brother, Dexter, who would be inconsolable without him.

Sterling’s mom was offered a medical treatment for the disease, but she had heard of the harmful side effects of the drug as well as its cost. “We didn’t want to put him through taking the medication, the possibility of a change in his personality, and the constant testing,” she says.

Sterling’s mom thought long and hard about what else she could do to help the adorable dog get his life back. An advocate of essential oils, she randomly searched the keywords “essential oils for dogs” on the Internet, and came across Adrenal Harmony Gold.

“I was so relieved and hopeful that this would work for our precious baby boy,” she recalls. She immediately sought advice from the vet who encouraged her to test the product.

Today, Sterling’s mom could not be happier. “Sterling has returned to us in his full personality.” While Geraldine is still worried for her favorite sweet boy, she could not have hoped for a better outcome, and Dexter is so happy to have his brother back on his feet. “Sterling and Dexter are our children,” mom says. “We would have been lost without Sterling.”

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