10-year old cat gets rid of coughing with Throat Gold

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Marc has shared his life with a feral cat since he was four months old for the last ten years. Because he was still very wild when Marc adopted him, the kitty always remained skittish, cautious, and could only be approached on his own terms. He was neutered when he was a young cat, and had seen a vet only once in his life because of his wild behaviour.

A month ago, the aging cat started coughing.

“His meow became craggy and coarse,”

Marc says.

“He wasn’t getting better and seeing a vet was not an option.”

Dad researched cat coughing symptoms online, came across Throat Gold, and ordered the product. He started giving him a dose twice a day mixed with his wet food, and was relieved that the wild cat loved the taste.

He is now better and his meow is back to normal,”

Dad says. “It was worth every penny to make my wild and sometimes loving cat better.”

Review received from Marc from Cumberland,  Rhode Island, July 18, 2014
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