A new kidney disease-free life for Catabury

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Catabury had a rough start. He was found in a dumpster with his brothers in Pahrump, Nevada. He was just one day old. He was lucky enough to meet Natalie, a long-time cat lover, who adopted the sweet kitty and brought him back to life. Because Catabury did not receive his mamma’s essential nutrients at birth, he was more vulnerable than Natalie’s other furry friends.  Nonetheless Catabury lived a happy life until two years ago, when his health started to go downhill.

The beloved kitty used to be a robust 14-pound cat. In no time he lost a lot of weight. The poor kitty was plagued by vomiting and diarrhea every day. Catabury’s fur became dull and he was just not himself anymore. The vet diagnosed kidney disease and gave Catabury six months to live. He recommended that his mom put the poor feline on a specific diet to try and extend his life. But Natalie already knew that was hopeless advice and that her boy would rather starve himself than go on a diet that he did not enjoy.

Catabury’s painful struggle with kidney disease

“That afternoon, I went home in tears, vowing to find a different vet and learning all I could about feline kidney disease to prolong Catabury’s life,” Natalie says. While researching the topic online, she happened to see a Pet Wellbeing ad for Kidney Support Gold, and immediately ordered a bottle.

Because Catabury had six teeth pulled, Natalie carefully feeds her favourite kitty moist food that she lovingly prepares herself. She was able to easily mix the Kidney Support Gold into his food. At first, Catabury just nibbled. Then everything changed. “By day three, he was gobbling his food as fast as I could put it down,” Natalie remembers. She was very excited to see her beloved kitty improve so quickly and become his old self again. “After only two weeks, he was eating, grooming, and playing with his siblings.”

A happy miracle cat

Six months later, Natalie took her furry friend to the vet who advised her to keep doing what she was doing. Catabury’s blood work no longer showed any signs of kidney disease. Two years later, Catabury has regained his full weight, and is a happy 12-year old miracle cat. “He is bright-eyed, slick-haired, energetic, and healthy,” says his happy mom.

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