Senior cat enjoys better quality of life with Ultimate Probiotic

Veterinarian Reviewed by Dr. Janice Huntingford, DVM on April 28, 2017
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Sabbie, a tiny 15-year old Burmese cat did not do well with any kind of medications. She was vomiting once a day and was generally miserable.

Austex, her dad, who lives in Queensland, Australia, did not know what to do to help his suffering kitty until he came up with the idea of giving Sabbie probiotics.

With his vet’s blessing, Austex ordered Pet Wellbeing’s Ultimate Probiotic. He initially had to adjust the dosage because Sabbie is so tiny. After only two weeks, the kitty’s problems vanished entirely. Because the kitty is required to take medication for multiple health issues including arthritis, blood pressure, kidney and stomach problems, Ultimate Probiotic helps her system better cope with the drugs.

Her vet is always amazed by this girl who was given only six months to live. This was four years ago,”

says happy dad.

Thanks Pet Wellbeing! You rescued us both.

Review received by Austex, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, May 9, 2015
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