Dog Diabetes: Helping your dog fight back

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Mazie has been struggling with diabetes for the last two years, and Diane, her mom, did not know what to do to help her best four-legged friend. Even though Mazie was getting two doses of insulin per day, her health deteriorated over the years. She lost her sight, and made mom’s life miserable.

“She was getting  me up every few hours at night with her panting, excessive drinking, and barking to go outside,” Mazie’s mom says.

Diane did some research on dog diabetes online and came across Blood Sugar Gold.

“I read the reviews and figured it would not hurt to try.” After only five days, Mazie’s mom saw the difference. “She doesn’t pant and drink excessively at night and will go four hours now at a time without waking me up,” reports this happy mom.

“I already see great improvement in her. I am excited and will shout out to anyone who will listen about Blood Sugar Gold.” Diane is very happy to have her dog and her sleep back.

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Blood Sugar Gold for Diabetes in dogs

Blood Sugar Gold

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