Gunner overcomes Cushing’s disease

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Pam, a resident of British Columbia, noticed that Gunner, her 10-year old Blue Heeler started drinking more water, developed a voracious appetite, and urinated at night while he was sleeping. At first, Pam thought  that the dog was suffering from a bladder infection or a kidney disease. After numerous blood tests, X-rays, and an ultrasound, Pam learned in July 2014  that Gunner had Cushing’s disease. Pam was devastated. 

Coping with Cushing’s disease

At first, Gunner’s mom  followed the vet’s instructions and gave Gunner a tablet of Vetoryl 60 mg every 12 hours. While the treatment helped slow down the dog’s thirst, Gunner’s appetite was still out of control and he continued to urinate while sleeping. The medication also had negative side effects. Gunner became lethargic and no longer had the energy to go out for walks.  He was in rough shape, and Pam did not know what to do to help her best friend.

To fight the disease, the vet suggested to increase the daily dose. Pam, an animal health tech, started losing hope. The treatment was expensive and was not showing the results she had hoped for. As much as she loved Gunner, she considered putting him down. “The quality of my dog’s life had gone downhill since using the drug,” she remembers.

A new life

In this moment of crisis, Pam started investigating alternative options and came across Adrenal Harmony Gold during an online search. Having nothing to lose, she decided to give the treatment a try.

A year and a half later, the treatment has turned Gunner’s life around. While the dog still shows signs of the Cushing’s disease, his water intake is now normal and he no longer urinates in the house. Even better, the treatment has kept some of the other symptoms typically associated with the disease at bay, such as hair loss. “He is active as any senior dog could be and I am so grateful to still have him with us,” Pam says. “He will even still try to chase the cows.”mobile advertising platformsфанатик магазин

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