Old Dog copes with old age with Old Friend

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Panda was struggling with old age, and his dad did not know what to do. The poor 12-year old dog Japanese chin had canine dementia, and would routinely go into overdrive.

“Each night he went beserk. He barked and barked at bedtime,”

dad remembers. He could not get him to settle down, and the other dogs that lived in this home in Rochester, New York, were getting anxious because of the constant barking.

“I had to lie beside his crate and pretend to sleep to get him to stop flipping out,”

says dad.

“Once he fell asleep, I could go to my own bed.”

This situation was not tolerable, and dad looked for a supplement that would help Panda better cope with anxiety and old age. He came across Pet Wellbeing’s Old Friend and ordered it.

Within two days of taking it, he went back to his sane self,”

reports dad.

Review received by Fur Angel from Rochester, New York, February 7, 2016

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