Sandy’s victory against kidney disease

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Four months ago, Sandy’s mom was given the devastating news that her beloved nine-year-old Yorkshire Terrier had kidney disease. There was more bad news to come for this long-time dog lover who lives in Illinois. Sandy had congestive heart failure and was overweight. The vet talked to Sandy’s mom about facing the harsh reality that our pets are only with us for a short period of time. He told her to be prepared. Sandy will only live for a few more days, a week at the most.

“I looked at my baby’s wet fur from my tears,” Sandy’s mom recalls. “My heart was breaking as his big brown eyes looked at me.” The vet provided medication for Sandy’s heart, but there was nothing he could do for the kidney failure. He suggested to make an appointment for the following week to put the Yorkshire Terrier down. Sandy’s mom was heartbroken. “I drove to a park and sat in my car. I cried, cuddling my little guy for well over an hour, praying he not be taken from me,” she says.

When she got home, Sandy’s mom decided she had to do something for her poor sweet little guy. She did an Internet search for dogs with kidney disease and came across Pet Wellbeing’s Kidney Support Gold. She read all the reviews, both good and bad. “I felt I had nothing to lose and I ordered two bottles,” she remembers.

As soon as the treatment arrived, she put Sandy on it. Within two days, she saw changes that she would have never hoped for. First, the Yorkshire Terrier’s appetite returned. And there was a miracle: the congestive heart failure disappeared. After four months into the treatment, Sandy is back to his old self. “Sandy is acting like a puppy again, playing with toys, climbing toys, learning new tricks,” says overjoyed mom. “We have fallen in love with him all over again.”personal finance macпорох в пороховницах

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