Cutest Animal Babies In The World!

Ah, babies. I loves them. Who doesn’t? Every month I get piles of letters and photos from my animal pals around the world, and sometimes they’re just too cute not to share. Behold some of the bestest! Couldn’t you just roll over?!

Photo Credit: macjewell

Little Jersey from, you got it, Jersey. Isn’t she adaw-able? I just love her little pink nose.
Photo Credit: bigtallguy

Ok, Baby Borscht. Someone has to teach li’l one to quit cramming! Unless he’s studying. Ahem.
Photo Credit: carolyncoles

Seriously. Are you really this ca-yute?
Photo Credit:

Well lookie here, the Easter Bunny dropped a little something off early this year! Those EARS! Sigh. Gorgeous. Photo Credit: mindfire

You, little cheep cheep, make me want to bury my nose and sniff hot air into you.
Photo Credit: cliche

And you, dollface, are a little poundcake. Smooches, pooches.
Photo Credit: photos

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