Laney and Jerry: friends fighting kidney disease

on June 17, 2016
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Seven years ago, Laney brought a stray cat to her home in Washington, DC. Since then the pair has been inseparable. Laney’s baby led a happy life and never had to leave the house to see a vet until his health started failing. Jerry became lethargic, he refused to eat and he was not going to the bathroom anymore. Laney suspected Jerry may have kidney disease.

“His coat was extremely flaky and he shivered all the time as he was cold,” remembers Laney. “I later found out that his shivering came from being in so much pain.”

Laney decided to take the beautiful orange tabby to the vet, even though she knew how scary it would be for her precious friend. After five visits to the vet and $3,600 less in her pocket, Jerry’s mom got the terrible news.

Jerry had kidney disease. He was immediately put on antibiotics and pain medications. That did not help, and Jerry felt miserable. He was just not himself anymore.

Mom did not give up on her sweet boy. “As a frantic mother, I spent many nights surfing the internet for an answer,” she says.

She stumbled upon the Pet Wellbeing website, and read the reviews for Kidney Support Gold. “The reviews were so positive and promising that I had to try it for myself,” she remembers.

After only two days, she started to see the difference in Jerry’s kidney disease condition. “My baby continued to get stronger and stronger,” she says. Jerry started eating again and he is now normally going to the bathroom. “He is back to his affectionate self again, not letting me out of his sight, as if he were trying to say “Thank you mommy for saving my life,” says this relieved mom. “When he sat in the window a few weeks ago, I cried. He hadn’t done this in three months.”

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