Is Your Personality Reflected In The Breed Of Your Dog?

on June 13, 2009
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It is common knowledge that every dog breed is as different and unique as all the different dog-loving people there are in this world. However, there are a few common personality traits that dog owners share with their dogs, and, if you are considering buying or adopting a dog in the near future, you should seriously consider these traits to make sure that you find the perfect match, or to enhance your current relationship with your dog.

According to the Myers-Briggs assessment, as well as the Keirsey Model, there are four basic temperate types of people:

1. The Idealist

These are the visionaries of the world. If you see yourself as an Idealist, then you are compassionate towards others and are able to speak and write in such a way that it inspires other people. You are also quite imaginative, creative and passionate about everything that you do.

Idealist Careers: Writer, Nurse, Social Worker, Psychologist

Famous Idealists: President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King Jr., Princess Diana

The Idealist Dog Owner

Idealist Dog owners are very loving and care deeply for their dog, but since Idealist are less likely to be harsh disciplinarians, they should shy away from the more stubborn dog breeds. Instead, Idealists would be happier if they had a dog that was carefree and happy to accompany their owner on various errands. Because of their caring nature, Idealists are more likely to adopt a dog from an animal shelter.

Idealist Dog Breeds:

Any dog from an Animal Shelter or Rescue
Golden Retriever
Cocker Spaniel
Yorkshire Terrier
Bichon Frise
Great Dane

2. The Rational

These people desire mental stimulation and are great problem solvers and love challenges. A born leader, Rationals are also very intellectual, inventive and self-confident. They enjoy solving puzzles, writing, and learning new languages, including effectively communicate with their dog. Before adopting or purchasing any dog, Rational people will do extensive research first before committing to such a lifelong decision.

Rational Careers: Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Doctor, Accountant, Professor, IT Analyst

Famous Rationals: Thomas Edison, Colin Powell, Katie Couric, Al Gore

The Rational Dog Owner

These personality types are able to quickly prove themselves as leaders of the pack and will be more able to control unruly dogs than the other personalities. They will enjoy playing mentally stimulating games with their dog. Rational dog owners will also have to choose between a dog that is listed in the Sporty or Non-Sporty category below. Sporty Rationals enjoy outside activities like running and hiking and would best be accompanied by a high energy dog. Non-Sporty Rationals can be found in the library or local coffee shop and so a dog that has a lower energy level would be perfect.

Sporty Rational Dog Breeds:

German Shepherd
Border Collie
Portuguese Water Dog
Australian Cattle dogs

Non-Sporty Rational Dog Breeds:

Bichon Frise
Toy or Miniature Poodle
Shetland Sheepdog

3. The Artisan

Just as the title implies, these are the most artistic people of all the personality traits. As such, they like to be the center of attention and excel in everything they do. Social butterflies, Artisans crave meeting new people and experience new adventures. Artisans are free spirits who are fun-loving and spontaneous who love acting, dancing and sports.

Artisan Careers: Artist, Actor, Entertainer, Athlete, Politician, Salesperson, Construction Worker

Famous Artisans: Former Presidents’ Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, Katharine Hepburn, Serena Williams

The Artisan Dog Owner

Artisans would prefer an attention grabbing pooch that is pretty self-sufficient and loves to travel! Artisan dog owners and dog breeds can also be defined into Sporty and Non-Sporty categories. Sporty Artisan Dogs love to spend time with their owners hiking or picnicking with friends. Non-Sporty Artisan dogs love to be spoilt with new clothes and sparkling collars.

Sporty Artisan Dog Breeds:

Jack Russell Terrier
German Short-haired Pointer
Australian Cattle Dog

Non-Sporty Artisan Dog Breeds:


4. Guardian

People who are Guardians are very loyal and dependable. They are great organizers and never leave a job undone. They are also very caring, patient, responsible and nurturing.

Guardian Careers: Teacher, Policeman, Fireman, Manager, Animal Trainer

Famous Guardians: First Ladys’ Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Stewart, Warren Buffet

The Guardian Dog Owner

Since these type of dog owners are very optimistic people, they need to have a dog that enjoys being in the company of other dogs and their owners. Dog’s that are traditionally thought of as being easy-going are more likely to be owned by Guardians, although any dog in an animal shelter or rescue can be adopted as Guardian people are unable to resist saving a dog from loneliness or worse.

Guardian Dog Breeds:

Any Animal Shelter Dog
Labrador Retriever
Australian Shepherd

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