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Jennifer Aniston’s Sick Dog

on October 23, 2009
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One of Hollywood’s most well-known and loved actresses, Jennifer Aniston, is facing something that every dog owner faces at some point in time: the untimely illness and possible demise of her beloved dog, Norman.


Jennifer Aniston adopted Norman from the animal trainers who worked with her on the hit TV series ‘Friends’ during the mid 90s.

Now it appears that after recently discovering that Norman has severe health problems, Jennifer is beside her with worry that her only source of “unconditional love” will soon be gone.

Norman, is a 14 year old Corgi-Terrier Mix, and is suffering from arthritis and digestive problems, which has caused Jennifer to be concerned that his life is at serious risk.

A friend of Jennifer’s was reported to have explained that:

“Norman has been Jennifer’s constant companion during all her emotional upheavals.”


Like most dog owners, Jennifer is trying to do everything in her power to help Norman feel better and live longer, even if it means bringing tears to her own eyes.

Jennifer loves Norman so much that she apparently “breaks down” whenever he has to be given an injection.

Whenever Norman’s personal veterinary technician arrives at Jennifer’s house to administer an injection, Jennifer cries and has to leave the room. She immediately returns to comfort Norman as soon as the injection has been given.

It is rumored that Jennifer currently spends at least $250 per week on alternative treatments for Norman. This includes multiple Reiki sessions, canine massage sessions and doggie acupuncture each week. All of these therapies are designed to help with pain management in dogs, as well as to balance the pooch’s Chakras to make him feel more comfortable and at ease.

One of Jennifer’s spokespeople once told the press:

“Norman has been Jennifer’s constant companion during all her emotional upheavals, but he suffers from aching joints and stiffness. Jennifer doesn’t want to put him on medication just yet, so she has opted for doggy spa treatments from a licensed vet technician.”

Whilst there are some dog owners who disagree with Jennifer’s current treatment plan, saying that it is all a bit excessive etc, it does seem to all be working for Norman.

“Norman has more spring in his step these days,” said a close friend.

Jennifer is certainly not shy about shelling out her hard-earned money to spare Norman’s life and help him feel more happy and comfortable.

“When Norman started having joint stiffness and had a hard time getting up and walking, Jen hired a personal masseuse for him,” said Jennifer’s friend. “He’s doing a lot better, but Jen is extremely paranoid about something else going wrong. Losing Norman would be a big blow.”

Saying Goodbye

Jennifer is an avid dog lover and also owns a 3 year old white German Shepherd named Dolly. However, Norman has been a steady and reliable companion to Jennifer since he was adopted. Coming to terms with Norman’s ill health is taking its toll on Jennifer.

A friend has commented: “Norman is old and hasn’t been doing well. She’s terrified her best friend could soon be gone.”

However, Jennifer herself has been reported as saying:

“You have to say goodbye way too soon. It’s just so sad. It makes me so sad. But their love is unconditional and I love that.”

Defying Death

Norman has already defied death once before!

One weekend in January this year, he escaped from Jennifer’s Malibu, California, beach home. He was spotted by a paparazzo, running rather dangerously close to the busy road right outside Jennifer’s home.

The photographer managed to scoop up Norman after he narrowly escaped being hit by a car.

Oddly enough, another photographer snapped a video of the paparazzo hero returning Norman back to Jennifer’s home.

Norman was reportedly unharmed in the incident.

On The Set

Jennifer is so fond of Norman that she takes him on set with her whenever she can whilst filming. Whilst this might allow Jennifer to spend more time with
Norman, it apparently is a cause of concern for a few of the film crew members.

One such crew member explained the problem with Norman being on set:

“Norman is important in Jen’s life. But the crew is fed up with having to dote on him. Norman is a nuisance on set. Jen needs him around all the time but she won’t stand for him being chained up. So the dog has his own chair near the director, and Jennifer also has a doggy masseuse tend to Norman every day.”

“She even insists that Norman eat with the crew, and that he’s fed organic, human-grade food. So Jen’s assistant has special plates made up by the caterer with free-range white meat chicken and organic rice.”

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