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on February 26, 2009
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According to a Forbes Magazine report of a survey conducted by Prince & Associates, affluent people spend $328,000 on their pets annually. What do they spend all that money on? Life Enrichment Services for their pets of course!

These services include specially prepared meals cooked by famous chefs, deep tissue massages, psychic readings and life coaching, manicures/pedicures, hairstylists and flights on private jets.

These same affluent pet owners are more than willing to spend at least $25,000 or more on wardrobes for their pets and another $25,000 or more on a birthday party for their pets!

So how do some of the most famous pet owners stack up to this survey?

One of the most famous dogs today is Tinkerbell, Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua. Hotel heiress, Paris Hilton is notorious for pampering her little Chihuahua. Tinkerbell is fed only gourmet food and bottled water. Tinkerbell also has regular house calls for hair appointments and deep tissue massages. Paris also dresses Tinkerbell in designer clothes with bejeweled collar charms and carries her around in a $1,800 dollar Louis Vuitton pet carrier bag.

Oprah Winfrey as referred to her 5 dogs as “little people with fur”. Her dogs have their own chef who prepares their favorite meal of ground lamb with brown rice and vegetables. Oprah’s dogs also have their own personal trainers and dog walkers who are paid to train, walk and play with them on the 42 acres of Oprah’s $51 million dollar estate in California. Oprah has even set up a $30 million dollar trust fund for her dogs in the event that they should outlive her.

After rescuing, Flossie, a yellow Labrador from a flea market a few years ago, the favor was returned to Drew Barrymore when Flossie rescued her from a house fire. In 2001, Flossie continuously banged on Drew’s bedroom door, effectively waking up Drew and her then boyfriend, Tom Green, just in time to escape the house fire. Although Drew’s house suffered almost $600,000 in damages, Drew promised to reward Flossie with a new dog house. And so, in 2002, Drew Barrymore placed her newly renovated Beverly Hills mansion worth $3 million in trust for Flossie.

Actress, Sigourney Weaver, held a romantic wedding for her Italian Greyhound, Petals. Complete with a faux Vera Wang wedding dress and pearls, Petals was wed to Sigourney’s neighbor’s dog, Jimmy.

The white tigers that are owned by magicians, Siegfried & Roy, live in an open-air habitat, complete with swimming pools, fountains and man-made mountainous terrain. They are also taken to roam around and play in the nearby countryside. White Tiger’s are quite rare, approximately 1 in 10,000. These Tigers draw in $45 million dollars annually for their shows at the Mirage Hotel & Casino.

Leona Helmsley, a New York hotel magnate, left $12 million of her estimated $8 billion estate towards the care of her Maltese Terrier, Trouble. Later, $10 million was removed by a Manhattan Judge. Even so, with $2 million, Trouble will be living in the lap of luxury for many years to come! It is estimated that Trouble’s annual expenses cost around $190,000. This includes $100,000 for 24 hour, personal, security, $60,000 for his guardianship fee, $8,000 for grooming and $1,200 for his food. Apparently, Trouble is used to being spoon fed gourmet foods by maids!

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