How to buy the purrfect bed for your cat

on April 7, 2009
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Cats, just like dogs, need to have their own sleeping area. In fact, cats actually sleep an average of 15 hours per day! With so much time spent sleeping, your cat deserves to have a nice, comfortable bed.

Before you rush to the pet store, keep in mind that cats have a will and a mind of their own and will just as soon sleep on your bed atop your favorite pillow than on a fancy cat bed.

In most homes that are run by cats, it will not matter in the least how hard you try to get your cat to sleep in just one place as they will usually choose to sleep in a variety of different areas in your home, like your couch, chairs, different spots on your floor, or any other place where they can get into.

On the other hand, just because cats are sovereign creatures, does not mean that you cannot enjoy purchasing them a warm bed of their very own to sleep in. Bear in mind that your cat’s bed will actually become a part of his or her territory very soon after bringing the cat bed home. This is because all cats believe that whatever is yours is actually theirs! Plus, cats like to feel like they have ownership over certain things in the house.

When choosing a bed for your kitty, remember that they like to always feel secure and most cats will actually prefer a cat bed that is in the shape of a tent or cave. These types of cat beds will also help your cat to feel sheltered as well.

Since cats usually spend about two thirds of their whole life napping away, you should make sure that your cat will have as many comfortable sleeping places as he or she possibly can have without infringing on your rights as the landlord or landlady!

Some of the most common types of cat beds that are found in pet stores are round and furry beds that encourage your cat to cuddle up on top of them. These types of cat beds usually have a cushion that is very bouncy and that has very high sides, thereby creating a circle of comfort in which your cat can sleep in peacefully.

Try to buy a cat bed that has a removable cover so that you can wash the bed frequently. This will help you and your cat to avoid insects such as fleas, which love to attach themselves to your cat where it is warm, and subsequently their beds as well.

Cats are warm blooded creatures and like sleeping in places that are equally as warm. During the winter time, use a heating pad made especially for cat beds, underneath your cat’s bed. You could also place a blanket on top of your cat’s regular bed for extra warmth and comfort.

Do the opposite during the summer time and offer your cat a cooler, open cat bed to sleep in.

You may need to place your cat’s new bed in quite a few different places around your house before your cat decides where he or she likes his bed to be. There are cats that prefer to sleep in your bedroom where it is relatively quiet, whilst other cats would prefer sleeping in the living room with the television blaring.

Another option to consider is to purchase a cat tree instead. Cat trees are usually quite tall with perches built onto them at various points throughout the stand. Such perches will allow your cat to have a comfortable place to sleep on whilst also being perched high above everyone else in the household.

If your cat is a sun worshipper and is always sleeping wherever the sun’s rays enter your home, you should consider purchasing a cat perch that connects to your window sill, as this will allow your cat to rest whilst also being able to look out the window and catch some rays.

If you are one of those cat owners whose cat is an integral part of their life and will most probably be placing their cats bed in the middle of their living room or other public area of your home, and if cost is no problem, then you will be able to find a variety of high-end, designer cat beds. Such beds are not only designed for your cat’s comfort in mind, but also your decor.

For example, you can buy your kitty a Kliner made by Gloria Baumann of Kittie Krafts. Simply provide Gloria with your own material and she will make an exact replica of human furniture for your cat. Gloria also designs and makes Kitty Kouches, Loveseats and Klounges. Not only will such a recliner be purrfect for your kitty to stretch out on, he or she can also have their own matching recliner as yours! Prices for Gloria’s Kliner’s range from $80 to $85 each.

Another example of a luxury cat bed is the Solo, designed by J. Parker of esque and sold through Kattbank. This completely glass cat bed is custom made and hand blown as well. It is available in either Transparent Smoke or Transparent Red. Expect to pay around $2400.

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