How To Keep Pet Fit – Exercise Tips

on February 8, 2010
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Like all living creatures, the keys to a long and healthy life for us pets are clean water, healthy food, low stress, love, and of course, exercise.

Now, I’ve heard it said often that you pet caregivers (especially dog lovers) chose a pet to not only have as a companion, but as a fitness partner. We are FANTASTIC fitness partners! Heck, any chance I get I love to run around, jump, spin, circle, whatever. It is so fun, and it is so fun with my human, Sage. And boy, does it make her go! We never miss our daily run around the block.
But it goes both ways, people. We need you to help us keep fit, too! I mean, what happens if you’ve had a long day and you’re too pooped to play? Or you’re not well enough to run around with us – let alone walk us around the block?
For those of you who maybe don’t have the ability – lack of time, health, whatever – to keep us moving together, I’ve compiled a list of indoor exercises that we pets can do at home. These are also great things for indoor pets to do, too!
Exercises Pets Love
  • The Stairs: Unless you have a dachsund (these guys should not be running up and down stairs), kitties and dawgs can get great benefit by climbing! Sit at the top of your stairs and throw a bouncing toy to the bottom, and let your pet play fetch.
  • The Stalk: Kitties love to stalk, even more than they love to talk (meyowls). Something as simple as a piece of string pulled down a hallway can make a cat go crazy. Try it! Just watch your heels – them claws are NASTY.
  • The Chase: We pets LOVE to play chase! Let us chase you around the house, and then just as we’re about to catch you turn on us – watch us jump and scamper!
  • The Pull: This is perfect for larger dogs. Grab a rope, and sit on your floor (avoid carpets for this one, yaw’ll). Let your dog grab the other end of the rope, and pull you! Great exercise.
  • The Intelli-Hide: We pets love to find things, especially: treats! Try hiding dry food in a cardboard box, with the lid folded in on itself. don’t use tape-dangerous! Punch a few holes in the side, so we can get a good sniff. Watch us figure out how to get at it, using our brains and our braun!

Keep us happy, healthy and hopping, with fun indoor exercises. Hey, we’re not the only ones who can do push-ups and sit-ups during commercial breaks!

High-five, Buster
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