How to Make the World a Better Place for Animals and People

on October 5, 2011
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We have been discussing cancer and other devastating diseases so I wanted to post some up lifting things to think about and things that we all can do to make our world a better place for animals and their people. When we think of all the animal lives we touch daily it seems overwhelming. But, we can all do something even if it is small to make the world a better place. These small actions can be cumulative. I have a long list but will start with a couple.

Take care of our environment. Recycling and using recyclable products is common here in Canada but what are we doing for animals in the world as a whole. How do our decisions as consumers effect animals? When huge tracts of land are deforested, there are fewer animal homes, there are less trees to hold soil and fewer trees to produce oxygen for all of us. The plastic water bottles we all seem to love end up in the ocean and are devastating for the sealife. Worldwide, according to the United Nations Environment Programme, plastic is killing a million seabirds a year, and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles. It kills by entanglement, most commonly in discarded synthetic fishing lines and nets. It kills by choking throats and gullets and clogging up digestive tract. We can all help these animals by drinking tap water in reusable bottles. Creation care is one way we can help animals.

Use cruelty free products whenever possible. Become informed about which companies use animal testing and how these companies are treating their laboratory animals. Create an awareness through out your community. Consumers’ choices drive change in business and what you do matters.

Plant more trees. Plant trees that are native to your area and try to preserve the native shrubs and trees as part of your yard or garden. These trees will be great homes for native wildlife. These animals can co-exist with your pets if you plant purposely. Plant shrubs and bushes that existed in your area 100 years ago. Try to preserve your natural heritage. Slow down when driving to reduce animal road kill. Take a deep breath and enjoy nature. Slow down and breathe. Bird watch. Teach your children about respect for wildlife.
Buy local organic produce from small farmers. Support your local economy and insure food quality, whether you are buying for yourself or your pet. It is important to know where your food comes from. Free run chickens lead a much better life than cage layers. Fresh eggs taste better and you can ask the producer about things like antibiotics, hormones and additives. Responsibly raised beef and dairy cattle are happier and healthy and provide better milk, cheese and meat. Smaller farmers care for their animals, support the local economy and produce high quality food.
Take time to enjoy your family, the 2 legged and the 4 legged. Play with your dog, ride your horse or sit and pet the cat. Take your kids apple picking. Enjoy the fall as it is a long winter.

Remember we can all make a difference in the life of animals around us.

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