on December 8, 2009
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Have a pet you know and love, but don’t know what the ruff to give them? Sniff no further. I have unearthed my top 5 gift faves, so that you, dear humans, may have more time to devote to your beloved beast.

cool dog


  1. Everyone loves the lap of luxury – it’s so warm up there! How about lapping luxury? A Drinkwell water fountain offers laps of love all day long. Great for cats and dogs (and other pets, too!).
  2. Treats are treats. We will never NOT be excited by them. Even better for you if they help us stay healthy! Simple as that. Z-Ridge Edible Dental Chew Bones
  3. Bling it! You’re not the only one’s who love to put on the bright stuff – adorn your pet-body beautiful with some, too. Park Avenue Bling
  4. Everyone knows that the path to man’s heart is through his stomach. Guess what, same with us. My human likes it raw, and doggity-dog so do I!
  5. Show me a kitty who doesn’t love looking fetching, and I’ll show you a kitty who loves to fetch. Ok, I do know a fetching cat or two, but you get my meaning. Help your royal mewness along, with Royal Coat.

And finally: Nothing says happy holidays like… a Gift Card! Treat your baby-pet to a natural, holiday-inspired gift of your choice with a $10 Gift Card! Just enter “HOLIDAY” into the coupon section when you check out. *Valid until January 2nd with a minimum $35 purchase. Code: HOLIDAY!

Happy Yapping Holiday Season!

Love, Buster

Xmass Cat

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Photo Credit: zanastardust

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