Happy Birthday Aquarius!

Aquarius, my airy-fairy friend, you are the most pal-lovin’ fun-doggin’ one of the bunch! If I ever feel bored, you’re the one who thinks up fun shtuff. If I feel the need to escape and get away from it all – you’re my partner in flight!

You’re such a high-flyer, that sometimes I feel like I’m flying to the moon with you – you’re the one who would get me there, with a space-ship you just happened to dig up in your backyard (you inventive thing, you). Why are you reaching so high, Aquarius? It’s freedom you seek, for all of us. Well, my freedom-seeker, you need strong healthy bones to keep you moving! Old Timer you ain’t, with a supplement to help you stay strong.

Don’t stop reaching for the stars, Aquarius!

Love, Buster
Photo Credit: diametrik

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