Happy Birthday Capricorn!

Oh Capricorn, you are baaaaaaaaad! You love climbing like I love digging – a lawt. I’ve watched my ambitious Capricorn friends scale all kinds of walls and counter tops, to get to the treats that they want! Almost nothing stops you, Cap, when you aim high.

In fact, you’re one of those critters for whom, when you want to get to something, instead of going through the door you bust it down (again, you tha rammer!). All that jumping and climbing means you need your energy – and lots of it! Like a car needs gas, your fuzzy tummy needs the best kind of food, packed with vital nutrients. Try Verve for dawgs or Prowl for kitties – it’ll keep you bouncing!

And your grounded, earthy (and sometimes dirty) nature keeps you close to your roots – you loves your family (well who doesn’t love the hands that feed?). Balance your explosive energy with lots of heavy petting. Come on, don’t be sheepish (I know you’re not!) – climb up a lap or two every day!

Love, Buster

Photo Credit: jono2k5

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