Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

Lucky dawg, lucky dawg, I’m a lucky dawg. Oh boy, am I happy! Yeah, I’ve got my arrow pointed high in the air, I’m aimin’ for the bacon, and life is ruffing good. My supaw-Sagittarian-ness has blessed me with happiness this year, which I joyfully yap forward to you: just call me the Lord of Love.
Fellow Sagittarians, our natural inclination is to seek the truth – and teach it. And what’s more truthful than barking ♥ all over the place? Good thing I’m also totally athletic (and handsome), so I can keep on adventuring as long as possible. And I will keep my heart as big and healthy as possible, with Hearty Heart for dogs. Stay blissful my Sagittarian beasts, and this year you’ll find your heart swelling with sorts of lovely possibilities. Oh, and that speedy poodle you can’t seem to catch? It’s your turn to give her a heart pumping workout, chase-the-tail style. And who doesn’t love chasing tail?

Dog I love you guys, Buster

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